Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mardi Gras in New Orleans 2008

Wow, what an experience!
Everyone at some point in their lives must visit "The Big Easy"!

We are having the time of our lives strolling the streets, taking in the sights and shopping till we drop!

Bourbon Street is something you will never forget, but you must experience it in PERSON!
The Jazz and Blues clubs are incredible!

The parades are all too much fun for the eclectic crowd, yes the photos you see on the internet are all real :)

We slipped away from the main tourist attractions and spent 2 days in areas of the French Quarter where the "Locals" frequent, dine, drink and dance. What a treat:)

The Cajun food is unbelievable! We are all eating as many different dishes and enjoying as many different wines as we can, we'll all be spoiled when we return home......

Some suggestions for your vacation to the Big Easy are:
You must order oysters from the Acme Oyster Bar!
Blackened Fish from GW Fins!
Filet Mignon from Shulas!
The "Hurricane" from Pat O Brians!
Ride the bull at the famous Cowboy Bar!
I'll add to this post when we complete our trip as we still have days to vacation and party in the great New Orleans!

Fat Tuesday just started Feburary 24th 2009, ENJOY!

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