Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I could not say this any better.

The current Occupy Wall Street movement is the best illustration to date of what President Barack Obama's America looks like. It is an America where the lawless, unaccomplished, ignorant and incompetent rule. It is an America where those who have sacrificed nothing pillage and destroy the lives of those who have sacrificed greatly. It is an America where history is rewritten to honor dictators, murderers and thieves. It is an America where violence, racism, hatred, class warfare and murder are all promoted as acceptable means of overturning the American civil society.
It is an America where humans have been degraded to the level of animals: defecating in public, having sex in public, devoid of basic hygiene. It is an America where the basic tenets of a civil society, including faith, family, a free press and individual rights, have been rejected. It is an America where our founding documents have been shredded and, with them, every person's guaranteed liberties.
It is an America where, ultimately, great suffering will come to the American people, but the rulers like Obama, Michelle Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, liberal college professors, union bosses and other loyal liberal/Communist Party members will live in opulent splendor. It is the America that Obama and the Democratic Party have created with the willing assistance of the American media, Hollywood, unions, universities, the Communist Party of America, the Black Panthers and numerous anti-American foreign entities.
Obama has brought more destruction upon this country in four years than any other event in the history of our nation, but it is just the beginning of what he and his comrades are capable of. The Occupy Wall Street movement is just another step in their plan for the annihilation of America.  

Jack A. Furnari, Knoxville

E Mail worth posting about the 2012 election

  Very bad news, be sure to read  the obituary at the end very  interesting
  DR. WILLIAMS predicts that Obama can not  lose the 2012 election.
 Dr. Williams  prediction:  Maybe you have read some newspaper articles  written by Dr. Williams a conservative economist who happens to be  Black. He has taught at several Universities and is currently  teaching at George Mason University .
    No Matter  What

 By Dr. Walter  Williams

Can  President Obama be defeated in 2012?  No.  He can't. I am going on record as saying that  President Barak Obama will win a second term.
The media won't tell  you this because a good election campaign means hundreds of  millions (or in Obama's case billions) of dollars to them in  advertising.
But the truth is,  there simply are no conditions under which Barak Obama can be  defeated in 2012.
  The  quality of the Republican candidate doesn't matter.  Obama gets reelected.  Nine percent unemployment?   No problem.  Obama will win.  Gas  prices moving toward five  dollars a gallon?  He still wins.  The economy soars  or goes into the gutter.  Obama wins.  War in the Middle East ?  He wins a second term.
America's role as the  leading Superpower disappears?  Hurrah for Barak  Obama!  The US government rushes toward bankruptcy, the  dollar continues to sink on world markets and  the price of daily goods and services soars due to inflation  fueled by Obama's extraordinary deficit spending?  Obama wins handily.
   You are  crazy Williams..  Don't you understand how volatile politics can be when overall economic, government, and world conditions are declining?  Sure I do.

And that's why I know  Obama will win.  The American people are notoriously  ignorant of economics..  And economics is the key to why Obama should be defeated.
Even when Obama's  policies lead the nation to final ruin, the majority of the  American people are going to believe the bait-and-switch  tactics Obama and his supporters in the media will use to explain why it isn't his fault.  After all, things were much worse than understood when he took office.
Obama's reelection is really a very, very simple math problem.
Consider the  following:
1) Blacks will vote  for Obama blindly.  Period.  Doesn't matter what he  does.  It's a race thing.  He's one of  us.
  2)  College educated women will vote for Obama.  Though they  will be offended by this, they swoon at his oratory.   It's really not more complex than  that,

 3)  Liberals will vote for Obama.  He is their great  hope,
  4)  Democrats will vote for Obama..  He is the leader of their  party and his coattails will carry them to victory nationwide,
  5)  Hispanics will vote for Obama.  He is the path to  citizenship for those who are illegal and Hispanic leaders  recognize the political clout they carry in the Democratic  Party,
  6) Union  members will vote overwhelmingly for Obama.  He is their  key to money and power in business, state and local  politics,
  7) Big  Business will support Obama.  They already have.  He  has almost $1 Billion dollars in his reelection purse gained  largely from his connections with Big Business and  is gaining more everyday.  Big Business loves Obama  because he gives them access to taxpayer money so long as they  support his social and political  agenda,
  8) The  media love him.  They may attack the people ! who work for  him, but they love him.  After all, to not love him would  be racist,
  9) Most  other minorities and special interest groups will vote for  him.  Oddly, the overwhelming majority of Jews and  Muslims will support him because they won't vote  Republican.  American Indians will  support him.  Obviously homosexuals tend to vote  Democratic.  And lastly,
10) Approximately half  of independents will vote for Obama.  And he doesn't need  anywhere near that number because he has all of the groups  previously mentioned.  The President will win an  overwhelming victory in 2012. 
--  Dr.  Walter  Williams
Obituary-Very  Interesting!
 Born  1776, Died 2008 
It  doesn't hurt to read this several times.
Professor  Joseph Olson of Hamline   University School of Law in St.. Paul , Minnesota , points out  some interesting facts concerning the last  Presidential  election: 
Number of  States won by: Obama:19 McCain:  29  

  • Square miles  of land won by: Obama:580,000 McCain:  2,427,000  
  • Population  of counties won by: Obama:127 million McCain: 143  million  
  • Murder rate  per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2  McCain: 2.1
Professor  Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won  was mostly the land owned  by the taxpaying citizens of the  country.

Obama  territory mostly encompassed  those citizens living in low  income tenements and  living off various forms of government  welfare..."

Olson believes the United States is  now somewhere between the "complacency and apathy" phase of  Professor Tyler's definition of democracy, with some forty  percent of the nation's population already having reached the  "governmental dependency" phase. 

If Congress  grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal  invaders called illegal's - and they vote - then we can say  goodbye to the USA in fewer  than five years. 

If you are in favor of this, then by all means,  delete this message.

If you are not,  then pass this along to help everyone realize just how much  is at stake,
knowing that apathy is the greatest  danger to our freedom.   

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So God made a Farmer

How much different are farmers from those who occupy wall street?

This is how America was built, with men, women and families like these!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Judge Judy on students

I love Judge Judy!

Listen to this video and you will understand who is protesting down at wall street. These poor students that get tax payer money for food, for rent, for tuition and books…
Their minds are corrupted with the Liberal idea that they are owed ... for just being alive!

The guy in the court room is fine with being a man whore...

Newt is right, get a bar of soap and then get a job!

As a tax payer, how much money did you spend on these punks education?
If you spent 1$,  you wasted 99 cents!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Obamas Civil War

What a way to start the week…
Idiots, we have idiots in the media, in the government at all levels and within our own families!
How does this happen? How can a healthy mind be so corrupted with insane, failed and morally bankrupted ideas? The answer escapes me but the result is Liberalism. Not the standard/traditional liberalism but the modern version. This modern view is one that is more in line with the other (ism) and that is socialism. The definition of socialism is any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or Governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. Is this not what the Occupy Wall Street protestors want? The same think that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Barack Obama and the total leadership of the Democrat party profess? They want the government to have ownership of everything of value in America and then distribute it back to the citizens based on need and not on deed! They call this fair and it is the center piece of Obamas War on America as seen with his (and the democrat leaders) full support of the OWS mob. Make no mistake about it, Obama started this insane violence with his class warfare (rich don’t pay their fair share) rhetoric. Obama, Pelosi, Reed and the other crones, are leading this Nation to the brink of a new civil war. One that pits the doers against the do not’s, the tax payers against the tax takers. A system where the Liberals are promoting riots and wide spread lawlessness against those who work hard to support their family and elevate their life style through responsible living and family discipline…by those who believe an equal lifestyle is owned them through no efforts of their own other than to claim the currant system is unequal and unfair. What is unfair is that to many parents and schools are now promoting this prevision of America. They are punishing achievers by not recognizing their efforts because doing so may offend some underachiever. I DON’T CARE! This country was not founded on, or built on the backs of the weak, undisciplined or lazy! To have empathy for your fellow mans condition is admiral but to promote that condition by condoning and rewarding laziness is despicable!

Look at the news today, the video and the Mad Americans comments.

SANTA CRUZ - County officials this week released a list of 93 complaints of disruptive and illegal behavior near the county's main offices and courthouse, adjacent to the Occupy Santa Cruz camp.
Officials  have documented drug and alcohol use, public urination and defecation, littering, bathing in county restrooms, fights and more. Two pieces of artwork on display at the county building were vandalized. The Sheriff’s office discovered of an estimated 200 pounds of human feces near the county Veterans Memorial Building. Who defends this type of protest? Is this how you identify with the 1st amendment? The protests should have all be stopped at the point they broke any law and that goes for the permits for such a protest. The Tea Party had to get the same required permits, they had to have porta pottys, trash cans and leave the area in the same or better condition than they found it. They did so! but not the low life scum that Liberalism/Obama has produced.

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left ".
                                             Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)

The video below is a great exhibition of the difference between Liberals and Conservatives.
The news lady is in tears because Newt wants the protestors to get cleaned up and get a job. Her male counterparts support her position and rail against the mean conservative. Listen to their comments that support the protestors and never denounce or criticize anyone of this mobs law breaking actions. Instead, they are portrayed as the persecuted, protectors of civility, defenders of the poor and  deserving of some, some, some what?

I still find it amazing that people with such views exist and terrified when I confront myself with the fact that they breed!

Great explanation of the differences below;
With the Tea Party, the issues were clear. Government was too big, taxed too much and needed to rein in its out-of-control spending. Its message was a clarion call for limited government coupled with fiscal responsibility. At rallies that had the flavor of church picnics, people gathered to address their concerns, bagged their trash and returned to their jobs and homes to continue to lobby their government through constitutional channels. No such clarity can be found in the encampments that mark the Occupy Wall Street rallies, which occupy little of Wall Street but litter cities across America, creating dangerous environments and showcases of human degradation.
The protesters rail against the structures of government and business while demanding that those same institutions guarantee cradle-to-grave services, funded by people other than themselves. The same flavor of these demands can be found in Greece and Italy, where people rally for the continuation of benefits that no one can afford, to be paid for by others. It is the same demand for financial "fairness" that was propagated by Karl Marx.
Few protesters seem to be aware that as citizens of the United States, they've already experienced an unfair financial advantage. According to World Bank figures, the poorest 10 percent of Americans have more income than nearly 4 billion other inhabitants of the planet. Put another way, Americans are relatively rich compared to most of their global counterparts.

Barack Obama's crusade against REAL Americans;

Several weeks after he announced his bid for the presidency in 2007, Obama ordered a mostly black crowd in Selma, Ala., to "get off the couch" because "we have too many children in poverty in this country and everybody should be ashamed." Obama, you and your kind put those people on the couch. They are now very comfortable on that couch and will fight anyone who trys to make them leave the government couch.

"Take off your bedroom slippers," Obama shouted. "Put on your marching shoes. Go do some politics. Change this country!" I see now! Do not take off your slippers and go to work…O-no! Take them off and support Obamas re-election! I am very sorry because as an American I want to and feel a duty to support my president but there is no way I can support this man Obama. He is the most divisive and destructive man to ever hold that office. Should he and others like him be re elected…I fear for our future!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obama Cracks Down on Hunters

Gun owners who have historically been able to use public lands for target practice would be barred from potentially millions of acres under new rules drafted by the Interior Department, the first major move by the Obama administration to impose limits on firearms. No, this is not the 1st move. He has tried to get an international treaty that would take any Americans right to own guns!

Officials say the administration is concerned about the potential clash between gun owners and encroaching urban populations who like to use same land for hiking and dog walking.
Proof positive that Obama and his Liberal supporters do not recognize the 2nd amendment. They HOPE to CHANGE government by making sure that law abiding citizens are stripped of their constitutional rights. A question for you…where in the constitution is it spelled out that you have the right to walk or hike on public lands? I didn’t see it. I do see that the “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I say that hikers and dog walkers should not walk into or in front of people that are target practicing. If they do…well…perhaps we need more (process of natural elimination) in the world.

"It's not so much a safety issue. It's a social conflict issue," said Frank Jenks, a natural resource specialist with Interior's Bureau of Land Management, which oversees 245 million acres. He adds that urbanites "freak out" when they hear shooting on public lands. AND
, and that is their problem! What about me??? I freak out when I see hikers on public lands, and people walking dogs… give me nightmares for weeks!
If the draft policy is finally approved, some public access to Bureau lands to hunters would also be limited, potentially reducing areas deer, elk, and bear hunters can use in the West. SO, not just target practice is it! It is just a foot hold for them, a stepping stone for bigger and better things… YOU better get or stay involved because they will not stop until all your rights are taken away!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Veterans day

The Soldier stood and faced God,
Which must always come to pass.
He hoped his shoes were shining,

Just as brightly as his brass..
'Step forward now,Soldier ,
How shall I deal with you?
Have you always turned the other cheek?
To My Church have you been true?'
The soldier squared his shoulders and said,
'No, Lord, I guess I ain't.
Because those of us who carry guns,
Can't always be a saint.
I've had to work most Sundays,
And at times my talk was tough.
And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.
But, I never took a penny,
That wasn't mine to keep...
Though I worked a lot of overtime,
When the bills got just too steep.
And I never passed a cry for help,
Though at times I shook with fear..
And sometimes, God, forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.
I know I don't deserve a place,
Among the people here.
They never wanted me around,
Except to calm their fears
If you've a place for me here, Lord,
It needn't be so grand.
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand.
There was a silence all around the throne,
Where the saints had often trod.
As the Soldier waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God.
'Step forward now, you Soldier,
You've borne your burdens well.
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell.'
Author Unknown~
It's the Soldier, not the reporter 
Who has given us the freedom of the press.
It's the Soldier, not the poet, 
Who has given us the freedom of speech.
It's the Soldier, not the politicians 
That ensures our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..
It's the Soldier who salutes the flag, 
Who serves beneath the flag, 
And whose coffin is draped by the flag.
If you care to offer the smallest token of recognition and appreciation for the Military, 
Please pass this on and pray for our men and women
Who have served and are currently serving our country
And pray for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for freedom....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy wall street protesters and YOU!

Ralph (below in the video) has been living at Occupy Wall Street and requested to be interviewed. Ralph added to the above statement "You understand? I don't give a f**k... I hope 9/11 happens again, right now." He is hoping that thousands of people, family’s, Moms and Dads that are working hard and supporting their families, die that day and the next and the next until what he believe as evil people are all gone. Those working people are not killing anyone or calling for the murder of anyone. This Ralph guy is just worked up with the class warfare hate speech from Obama and his supporters.  He then cheerfully ended the conversation with "God bless you." Can you understand the mentality of people like Ralph? They are all over! They have no moral code of honor. They have no ability to reason with an issue or situation. They think themselves as very enlightened and intelligent people (the fact is very much the opposite) and what is very concerning… is that some will vote but all of them breed!

A pair of Southland street cart vendors who were forced to shut down their businesses after “Occupy” protesters vandalized their carts are hoping to get some help from local residents.
The coffee and hot dog carts were located in Civic Center Plaza, the same location as the Occupy San Diego protesters.
Coffee cart owner Linda Jenson and hot dog cart operators Letty and Pete Soto said they initially provided free food and drink to demonstrators, but when they stopped, the protesters became violent. There is no clearer example of the entitlement mentality at work. The protestors were given free stuff, free food, out of the goodness and compassion of those food venders hearts and yet when they had to end the freebies, their willing recipients became violent. They were not upset when they had to pay for the food. They became violent because someone was no longer giving away free stuff. Kind of like the government programs that are not needed. We pay are way but when the government steps in with a well intentioned “help” program, we become addicted to it. Addicted to the government give away just as a druggy is addicted to the needle. The reaction from taking away the drugs is the same as taking away the government program. Neither is needed and yet the users will become very violent, should either program be threaten with cancelation.
And according to one city councilman, bodily fluids were used in the attacks. Is this the way to say thanks to folks who were give you free food?
“Both carts have had items stolen, have had their covers vandalized with markings and graffiti, as well as one of the carts had urine and blood splattered on it,” said Councilman Carl DeMaio. I wonder, if those venders had it to do over again, do you think they would ever given away their product? I think the tax payers are the same way. We have given and tried everything to be compassionate to others and yet get repaid by being craped on by those we try to help and worse, they now want to kill us.
Video below is how you can get free food, free day care, free house and the explanation as to “why would anyone want to work in America?”
Now, after you pay the video, remember what happened to the venders that gave away free stuff.

You think about it and have a nice day,

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Secret Service on; Occupying the White House

Behavior/Principles of the Men and Women in the White House

*Here are snippets from a book of "Impressions & Observations" of Secret Service personnel assigned to guard U.S. Presidents/First Ladies, and Vice Presidents.* 

JOHN & JACQUELINE KENNEDY : *A philanderer of the highest order. * 
*She ordered the kitchen help to save all the left-over wine during State dinner, which mixed with fresh wine and served again during the next White House occasion.* 
*LYNDON & LADYBIRD JOHNSON *Another philanderer of the highest order. In addition, LBJ was as crude as the day is long.* 
*Both JFK and LBJ kept a lot of women in the White House for extramarital affairs, and both had set up "early warning systems" to alert them if/when their wives were nearby. Both Kennedy & Johnson were promiscuous and oversexed men. *
*She was either naive or just pretended to "not know" about her husband's many liaisons. *
*A "moral" man but very odd and weird, paranoid, etc. He had horrible relationship with his family, and in a way, was almost a recluse.*
*She was quiet most of the time.*
*SPIRO AGNEW:** Nice, decent man, everyone in the Secret Service was surprised about his downfall. *
*A true gentlemen who treated the Secret Service with respect and dignity. He had a great sense of humor. *
*She drank a lot!*
*A complete phony who would portray one picture of himself to public and very different in private, eg., would be shown carrying his own luggage, but the suit cases were always empty; he kept empty ones just for photo op's. Wanted the people to see him as pious and a non-drinker, but he and his family drank alcohol a lot. He had disdain for the Secret Service, and was very irresponsible with the "football" nuclear codes. He didn't think it was a big deal and would keep military aides at a great distance. Often does not acknowledge the presence of Secret Service personnel assigned to serve him.*
*She mostly did her own thing.*
*The real deal --- moral, honest, respectful, and dignified. They treated Secret Service and everyone else with respect and honor. Thanked everyone all the time. He took the time to know everyone on a personal level. *
*One "favorite" story which has circulated among the Secret Service personnel was an incident early in his Presidency, when he came out of his room with a pistol tucked on his hip. The agent in charge asked: "Why the pistol, Mr. President?" He replied, "In case you boys can't get the job done, I can help." It was common for him to carry a pistol. When he met with Gorbachev, he had a pistol in his briefcase. Upon learning that Gary Hart was caught with Donna Rice, Reagan said, "Boys will be boys, but boys will not be Presidents." [He obviously either did not know or forgot JFK's and LBJ's sexcapades!]*
*She was very nice but very protective of the President; and the Secret Service was often caught in the middle. She tried hard to control what the President ate, and he would say to the agent "Come on, you gotta help me out."
The Reagans drank wine during State dinners and special occasions only; otherwise, they shunned alcohol; the Secret Service could count on one hand the times they were served wine during their "family dinner". For all the fake bluster of the Carters, the Reagans were the ones who lived life as genuinely moral people.*
*GEORGE H. & BARBARA BUSH: *Extremely kind and considerate Always respectful. Took great care in making sure the agents' comforts were taken care of. They even brought them meals, etc.
*One time Barbara Bush brought warm clothes to agents standing outside at Kennebunkport; one agent who was given a warm hat, and when he tried to nicely say "no thanks" even though he was obviously freezing, President Bush said "Son, don't argue with the First Lady, put the hat on.." He was the most prompt of the Presidents. He ran the White House like a well-oiled machine.*
She ruled the house and spoke her mind.*
BILL & HILLARY CLINTON: **Presidency was one giant party. Not trustworthy --- he was nice because he wanted everyone to like him, but to him life is just one big game and party. Everyone knows of his sexuality.*
She is another phony. Her personality would change the instant cameras were near. She hated with open disdain the military and Secret Service. She was another one who felt people are there to serve her. She was always trying to keep tabs on Bill Clinton.*
ALBERT GORE: An egotistical ass, who was once overheard by his Secret Service detail lecturing his only son that he needed to do better in school or he "would end up like these guys" --- pointing to the agents.*
GEORGE W. & LAURA BUSH: The Secret Service loved him and Laura Bush.
He was also the most physically "in shape" who had a very strict workout regimen. The Bushes made sure their entire administrative and household staff understood to respect and be considerate of the Secret Service. KARL ROVE was the one who was the most caring of the Secret Service in the administration.*
*She was one of the nicest First Ladies, if not the nicest; she never had any harsh word to say about anyone.*
BARACK & MICHELLE OBAMA: " Clinton all over again" - hates the military and looks down on the Secret Service. He is egotistical and cunning; looks you in the eye and appears to agree with you, but turns around and does the opposite---untrustworthy. He has temper tantrums.*
She is a complete bitch, who hates anybody who is not black; hates the military; and looks at the Secret Service as servants.*

Do you see any contrast between the Republican that were guests in the white house and the Democrats that occupied it?
It is very telling of a man’s character , the opinion of others that see him and observe them as shadows.

Of the current occupiers;  
BARACK & MICHELLE OBAMA: " Clinton all over again" Hmmm, just a personal party where the goal is to have others like him? - hates the military and looks down on the Secret Service. He is egotistical I think I have pointed that fact out before and cunning; looks you in the eye and appears to agree with you, but turns around and does the opposite---untrustworthy. This is from men that are in closer contact with Obama than anyone else in his life! They are trained to observe a persons actions. How very different their view of Obama is from Reagan and Bush.  He has temper tantrums.* I can believe this. Deep down I think he is just a insecure spoiled brat, a racist and has a racist for a wife!
She is a complete bitch, who hates anybody who is not black; Now that is not hard to believe either! Sad, very, very sad but again, does not her words and actions barely mask who she really is?  hates the military; and looks at the Secret Service as servants These guys have a very hard job for sure. They are the very best, beyond reproach.
I trust what they say.
Will you deny their observations???

Does Obama mirror your life, your morality?
Or is he more like those "occupy wall street" protesters?

Ask your friends;
Will they/you excuse this as just rightwing extremist out to discredit Obama?
Will they/you continue to support people like this running the country??
Will you forward this to your e-mail list???