Monday, October 12, 2009

Legalize Dueling again!

Remember your history? Remember when men where men and liars and thieves were dealt with swiftly and decisively? Remember when a politician would call his opponent or political rival a liar, when he was lying?

That politician was a man and as such, knew that he could be held responsible for his own words. If the recipient of such a remark took issue with it as a matter of honor, he could challenge the scandal to a duel!

Where has that time gone? Where are those men? Where is that old code of honor that real men would give their lives to defend?

Why are we now left with the corrupt politicians, attorneys and court system that we have now?

Why? Lack of accountability, lack of respect and the lack of fearing reprisal and consequences!

Just think how quickly the nation could turn around and become responsible to the citizens again. Let’s just quickly number the benefits.

1. The total elimination of out spoken liars
2. The quick reduction of law suits including family court issues and frivolous suits
3. The mass exodus of lawyers from their profession to one that incorporates higher standards and ethics. (see # 9)
4. The absolute accountability of all elected officials.
5. The immediate turn around in population growth as justice rains down on the abusers of the old system
6. The complete stop of unprotected sex as new repercussions put an end to the “so what, who cares” attitudes of today.
7. The new approach that networks would take in approving programming and what is considered to be “family hour programming”
8. The savings that could be realized as the prison system gets relief for it’s over crowded conditions.
9. The immediate economic stimulus in the undertaker, grave digger, box maker, head stone carver, liar planting industry.
10. Lastly…how nice would it be to have people think about what they say before they say it. To have people treat each other with respect. To do unto others and as you would have other do unto you.

Remember when men were men and lairs where scared?

Bring back public Dueling!

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