Thursday, January 28, 2010

What did he say?

It was sad to hear him attack great working Americans and continue to blame Bush and the republican minority for the economy.

To attack the supreme court was just deplorable!

Worst speech I have ever heard, worst and most deliberate liar in history.

I was sad to listen to the parts of the speech I heard last night.

To hear him attacking the great working Americans and his continued theme of blaming Bush and the Republican minority in congress for the economy was discussing,

This man has not a clue about the American people or America as a whole. Obama has never ran anything, he has only spent a small amount of time in congress where he did nothing. To hear him try to explain how to fix things and how he would make everything just fine if the Republicans and the stupid American people could just understand his great plan. He went so far as to say he must not have explained his plan well enough and yet the people have voted that they understand his plan, understand his direction and want no part of it!

While he gave his speech, I was working. I was working with those people he wants to tax more, the people that just don’t pay their fair share in America. I know this because they are easy to recognize. They were wearing cowboy boots, over boots, mud boots and winter boots. They had blue jeans on, plain shirts and most of the time a ball cap with their favorite tractor company logo on it.

Some years they make over $300,000 so Obama wants to tax them more because they are in the elite. Some years they lose money, but he doesn’t want to talk about that. Some years the government policies cost them their market and their income.

These evil people buy a new truck every 2 years because they work with it. They buy new equipment for their farms, tractors, balers, harvesters and such (some costing over $300,000) they buy new computers and programs to help them farm more efficiently. They send their kids for higher education with no government hand out or help. They work 60-100 per week and have no over time, they have no weekly pay check, they have no guaranteed income. They were working and stipulating the economy as Obama gave a speech attacking them for making more money than the hamburger flipper. They have no company health care plan, they pay for their own plan with their own money and do not complain about this. Their children volunteer for military service and do so with pride. They and millions of Americans would like the government to provide national protection and not interfere with or attempt to run their private lives.

Obama will never understand what he has never experienced.

Send him and the other idiots who have never worked a day in their lives back home, they have done enough in Washington and we don’t want any more!


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