Sunday, April 25, 2010

Obama to sue the State Arizona over protecting their border

Obama Administration Considering Range of Options Regarding Arizona Immigration Law -- Including Suing to Block It

In Arizona they passed an in immigration law to protect their citizens from the gang crime and violence that is coming across from the Mexican border.

Obama, the man who is in charge of protecting the nation, is going to use your money to fight the people in Arizona! They only wish to secure their borders and live in safety from crime spilling over from another country. The worst and most UNAMERICAN President in our history will try to stop their efforts! He is more concerned with the civil rights of Mexicans (they do not legally have any rights in the USA) then he is with the rights of Americans to live in safely from treats across our borders!

So what did President Obama mean when -- responding on Friday to Arizona's new immigration law -- he said that he'd "instructed members of my administration to closely monitor the situation and examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation"?

An Obama administration official says it means that officials from the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security are looking to see if there are any actions they should take in response to the law -- and "that could mean suing to block the law, but we're a long way from knowing if that's a viable route yet."

In some Southern California cities, illegal alien gang members roam the streets with impunity. These are the "sanctuary" cities. The police know they are illegal because they have been arrested and deported before. But now they are back and the police are powerless because they have to have probable cause the gang members have committed a crime since they returned.
They are prohibited from notifying ICE of the return of these deported gang member because of the city's sanctuary policy.

A law like that passed in Arizona would help greatly.

The assumption from the left is that police have so much time on their hands that they are just itching to go around hassling people and arresting the casual immigration violator but otherwise law-abiding resident. The police are a lot like a most of us... many even sympathize with lot of the economic refugee. Why does the left assume otherwise?

The police will have plenty to do with the new law, arresting gang members, drug dealers, kidnappers. But now they won't have to wait until a known illegal alien commits a crime (creating a crime-victim). They will be able to protect us before the crime is committed.

I've heard that about 30 percent of the population in California's overcrowded jails are illegal aliens.

Think about this!


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