Sunday, May 9, 2010

Worthless people come in all races

I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body towards any race. Never felt the need or had the desire to label any race. I judge the individual and the person, not the color of their skin or their accent. I have had many very good Mexican friends both legal and illegal. I have worked side by side with “wet backs” and enjoyed their work ethic and desire to help their families. I am proud to be their friend.

I am VERY prejudiced against the people in this photo! To me they are the scum of the earth, a leach on society, a waste of the air they consume and the personification of all that is wrong with the world today.

To many people have this very same view “we are owed something”. They are not, they have the right to work and pursue a better life but nothing is owed to them from anyone. This “I’m owned something and deserve something for nothing” view of liberals, our courts and our president is very destructive! I see this being taught to our children by adults, at home and in school. It is enforced by liberals and others that have a mental or intellectual handicap. This is not what are great country was built on…it may be what destroys it.

You see the failure of this attitude all around the world. Look at Greece, the people are protesting any cuts in THEIR benefits and their country is going broke. Soon they will be looking for a handout from others because their life, their country will be no longer.

Is this the destiny for the United States of America?



Anonymous said...

Why were they not arrested for threatening to kill police?
If some white guy was holding the sign, the national news would have him all over the TV as a crazy right winger that should be arrested along with the boys at talk radio and the fax news network!

4 Restore our U.S. said...

As the author says, our war isn't against a race or a people, but against all things illegal - and against any corruption of all our great country was founded on. Stupid is a matter of perspective. Incompetence and arrogance is not subject to interpretation - Neither is our constitution.