Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama address oil spill

Your President did not act as a leader and has no idea what a leader should be doing. Obama only know politics and has used the oil spill to make political hay.

He rejected any help from countries with expertise in the matter and has delayed and obstructed the efforts of the effected states.

Obama, instead of helping stop the well or even help contain the oil spill has made it worst.

His only effort has to been to make sure that this spill will be a huge disaster so he can push yet another political agenda item.

He opening lied to the American people again in his address from the Oval office and attacked BP and threatened to take them over or push them into bankruptcy to cover his own inept response to the rig blowing up.

Obama the greatest manmade or natural disaster in our nations history!

"Plug the damn hole!"


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