Monday, December 6, 2010

MA addresses a liberals letter

""You cannot strenghten the weak by weaking the strong" Honest Ab"

A rising tide lifts all boats!

I want no one weak--the goal, dear one, is to strenghten our country![MA]  People do this, not Government

I don't know what business you are in, but I think I heard you sell farm/ranch equipment.  Well, if your neighbors are not successful, then they won't be able to buy new tractors.  If you are in the cattle business, you need consumers to purchase your product. [MA] I Know a little about my business, but thank you for your input, you make my whole point for this blog Your writings seem to suggest that you think success and policy should be based on what is best for YOU...ME, ME, ME...[MA] No one can read that into what I say, or write about in my blog. I will always take care of myself and not rely on what you or government can do for me that is what you are worried about.   Let there be no mistake, I'll defend my family and my country to end of my days[MA]  I understand your thoughts but to defend your country you need to go back and read what made your country great and, what is was that the founding fathers feared--but somehow through spending time with my grandparents, I have a deep, and abiding love for my fellow man.[MA]  I love all people and wish only the best for them. That is why a government nanny state is soooo appalling to me. It destroys people, always has, always will  We am not in this world alone.  I need my country as much as it needs me to be productive, healthy and CONTRIBUTING (which means paying my fair share of taxes and no more.) [MA] But you think that financially successful people owe more that you or me?  I think the corporations that were too big to fail were bailed out[MA]  That is to bad. No one and nothing in this world is to big to fail…just a fact. The other part is that those business or governments fail for a reason. GM should have gone under and others would have learned from those mistakes and risen to take their place. The government (in it’s over stepping) demonstrated that they (large evil money makers) don’t need to show responsibility…bad, very bad idea to promote --and I actually thought that had we not done that, then the country would be in a depression.[MA]  almost 10% unemployment, real unemployment at just under 20%, currency that is lacking in value, government at the brink of bankruptcy, weak world presents and you think this is a better path? The people who lived through a real deep depression understood personal responsibility. We have very little of that now. People have been conditioned to rely on the government and not their own actions It was tough and I don't like the deficit and I don't like paying more taxes than my share. [MA] no one does. But what is your share? How much does the government need to operate? What is the basic responsibility of government? Is it to regulated school bake sales? To sue a state for trying to protect its boarders? Is it to provide retirement and health care for its citizens? Is it to make certain meats are illegal to eat? (yes, you can go to jail for eating horse meat, even if it’s a common dish in Europe. Because it is so healthily, it was a staple for our military for years, it’s just not politically correct now days. I wonder, what is next?) Is it to tell us what car to drive or light bulb to use? Is it to condone, promote and fund killing of unborn children?  Is it to take 50% of your personal wealth when you die? Or is it to regulate news (freedom of speech act) What is the role of Government? Funny, with all the information we have available to us, many people do not know what the views of the founders of this nation said about the role of government. They were not so concerned about what a big government could do for you, but what it would do to you! However, now that the corporations [MA] Nice to hear all is well with them now are strong again as evidenced by the stock market and the salaries they are paying their CEOs,[MA]  Only a liberal would consider a salary as a means to measure a company’s solvency. Perhaps it shows something very different?   then now is the time for them to step up and pay their fair share of taxes.[MA]  Ha ha, what is their fair share? Who says what a fair share is? If we all and I mean every American paid 10% in taxes, would this not be fair?  Remember, by eliminating the top 1% tax cut approved during Bush's time, will still leave these 1% with lower taxes then when Reagan was in the White House. [MA] Why would that bother you and what does that have to do with fairness?   You can't have your cake and eat it too,[MA]  What cake??? I will make my own cake and eat it anytime I please thank you. I don’t need the Government giving me cake, telling when, or how much of, or what kind I can eat if you are serious about the deficit--and you should be--then the revenue and the expense side have to be addresssed.  Just like your home budget. [MA] I pretty much make a set amount and I don’t see that changing very soon so, I keep my spending in line with my income. This is very much different than the government that will not be responsible about its spending and will raise its income by raising taxes on those who are taking responsibility with their personal spending. And, do so in very hard economic times.  I can't wait to see how the John Boehner plans to cut spending.  I'll hope he means it, because it does need to happen. [MA] Me too, but with any cuts (just like not going out to dinner as often) people will complain…because they have forgot how to cook for themselves Take that tea and steep it.[Bruce]  Hmmm, good tea today



Anonymous said...

After reading this note and response it really appears to me that both the MA and original writer are after the SAME thing! I don't think the MA wants to bail out BIG corportations or save them from higher taxes, but it does appear that he wantes to keep the government from becoming ever bigger and BIGGER and more and more controlling! I do agree with both writers on many points.
BOTH BIG Government and BIG Corporations are usually CORRUPT!
But I'm beginning to feel like the original immigrants to this country must have felt about England... STOP TAXING US TO DEATH!!
I FEAR THERE WILL BE A REVOLT, PEOPLE ALL ACROSS THIS GREAT LAND ARE GOOD AND "MAD". States are writing laws to protect the second ammendment in their state, states are writing laws to protect their Borders!
I think it'll shake out soon enough.....

Steven in CA said...

"I suppose, indeed, that in public life, a man whose political principles have any decided character and who has energy enough to give them effect must always expect to encounter political hostility from those of adverse principles." --Thomas Jefferson