Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden and discussed and what I saw on the news

 Ashamed, this is what I felt when I returned from the ranch and sat down to see the news of the day.

I saw Americans yelling, screaming and chanting in a joyous celebration of a man’s death.  

Here is my view;
After 10 years this man was caught and killed. It is justice  and that is all. It needed to be done. To celebrate like I saw on the TV, discussed me. As a man, a Christian and an American, killing and taking of a man’s life is not an occasion to celebrate.
What I saw is the same type of people that burn the American flag, celebrate a fighter pilot plane being shot down and dragging the body through the streets. I think the crowd I saw in front of our white house would have done the same thing to bin ladens body if they had the chance. It disturbs me to see such callousness and hate from anyone.

There has always been joy over a military victory because it would mark a coming peace. We celebrated the end of the world wars, not the killing of the combatants.
With bin laden dead, we did not have a final victory over his organization, just the man. The terrorism  will continue.

I am not happy that the murderous bin laden (Master mind of al-Qaida attacks) was killed, I am relieved. I feel a sense of closure and a certain satisfaction that the man who was in charge of such mindless killings was stopped and Justice was done. Still, the war will go on. My problem is after viewing the news last night…I see very little difference between the two crowds that gather for the cameras. 



Anonymous said...

Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by Navy SEALs on Sunday and his remains were discarded at sea. The raid was conducted with little input from Pakistan.
Osama's death marks a long-awaited triumph for the United States, but it came much too late and at a very high price. Michael Scheuer, former CIA chief of the team hunting Osama bin Laden, confirmed with great disdain that SpecOps had not one but two opportunities to kill Osama before 9/11, however with Osama in their sights, Bill Clinton pulled the plug on both those operations. Consequently, the 9/11 jihadis settled into U.S. suburbs under Clinton's watch.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it was the actions of GWB that made the happen. Nothing Obama bin whats his name has done!