Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obama Attacks American Farm Families

Farm kids band from working

 The Obama department of labor is attacking the core of America, farm families!

AAmerica was built by farmers and their families. Farming/ranching skills and passions are still passed down to the younger generation. Farm kids are raised with a respect for animals that develops by farming/ranching cores they are required to do. They witness birth, they see death and understand that at times, life is not fair. They see crops come up from their care and labor. They also know  heartache, as they watch the destruction of a rain or hail storm just before harvest. They delight in seeing the new born calves, sheep or baby pigs running and playing together. They remember those cold days drying off a baby and making sure it has a start in life. They also remember the sun coming up only to reveal their pet cow having it’s baby eaten by a coyote as it was born or a pack of town dogs ripping the belles out of the sheep flock. They understand life and death. They understand life is not fair but with hard work, life has many rewards. Farm kids have a real understanding of the commitment it takes to produce a health living thing. A quality that should be held in the highest regard and promoted in a civil society. 

 All families should work together as a team and farm/ranch families do just this on a daily bases. Ranch kids help each day with the care of crops and animals. They understand that those living things depend on them, depend on those kids to perform their job duties. Farm kids feed and water livestock each day before school. They clean pens, they shovel crap and mud, they work in snow, freezing cold and scorching heat. They do this because it is their way of life, how they contribute. to the family and how they earn respect as an individual. Farm kids work alongside their mother and father in the fields and orchards from a very young age. They drive tractors when they can just hold down a clutch (yes, not very many automatic transmissions on farm equipment). They spend their summers working, shoveling, picking, hoeing weeds, driving, riding, branding and doctoring. They also find time to jump in the stream, river or irrigation ditch to cool off,swim and play a game of tag with other farm kids. Those children have grown to be some of the greatest leaders in our nation! A heritage and way of life we most protect!

Sadly, this life style is in stark contrast to the Obama family, currently occupying the white house.

But why are federal agencies, led by President Obama appointees, intent on taking steps that will undermine and ultimately destroy our nation's agricultural heartland, our families?

It's no secret that liberals hold fatty, high-carbohydrate dairy and corn products directly responsible for our nation's obesity rates (funny, don’t see over weight farm kids).  They blame farting cows for a depleted ozone layer and consider ranching as a form of animal abuse. PETA, the American Humane Society and other animal rights organization demonize our rural lifestyle as an uncaring barbaric form of environmental exploitation. The urban schools teach and promote this same misconception to the gullible “city dwellers”.  Yet the government's attack on farm/ranch families by effectively banning farm kids from working on their own farms goes beyond outrageous. The intent can only be viewed as a full frontal attack on America.

Under new standards being advocated by the Obama Labor Department, youths under the age of eighteen would be prohibited from working in hay lofts, giving shots, caring for baby animals, and being in the vicinity of animals whose behavior may be "unpredictable."  So, the federal government under the direction of Obama would destroy one of Americas greatest treasures, the farm/ranch family.

Ask yourself, why?

Does Obama think that the mother and father of those farm/ranch kids are incapable of caring for and protecting their own children? Does the government think it has the right to interfere in a family’s lifestyle? Is there a hidden place in the constitution that gives the government such a power?

Lose our farm families and where would your food come from? 
Where would urban people go to get food? Do they understand that food is raised/produced, and does not magically appear on the super market shelves?
Or, does the government want to totally control the food production and distribution? Thank about that one!

For me, I remember the old Hank Jr song, “a country boy can survive”

City Dwellers, beware of what you vote for in 2012!

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Kim said...

Does Obama and Friends now what 4H is for kid! Can tell this boy grew up in the City, food comes from the grocery store, amazing the country is going broke, and guess what lets pick on our food supply!

Chad said...

I think this is just the beginning. It will effectively stop all High school and Jr. rodeo events. Even kids mutton busting would be outlawed. Then all rodeo events will follow. All they need is their foot in the door!

Mike said...

"We just think of our girls and nieces and nephews that learned to drive tractors and combines at a very early age. It did not hurt them. They are able to drive any piece of equipment now. The lessons were so valuable to their lives that they learned from being on the farm. We both learned how to take care of animals and drive equipment from our parents too. What a shame if that were taken away from farm boys and girls now!"

Mad American said...

My sons drove truck for me feeding cows when they were as young as 6 years old! They lived through it as did the cows and me :) I drove for my father when I could only hold the steering wheel straight. I was riding donkeys solo when I was 2 1/2 years old. I was attacked by killer chickens before I was tall enough to reach the pen locks. I climbed in the sows A frame hut and delivered pigs all night before I was 12. I learned to swim in a canal. I think I turned out alright, maybe just a little thin skinned and grumpy when it comes to city dwellers or the government tell me what kids can and can not do, or how farm kids should be raised :)