Monday, February 6, 2012

Hate? is it any wonder why America is in moral decline

Presidant Obama has done more to divide this nation than any person in history. Why do I say that? Because he is the most powerful figure in our nation and in the world.
Obama started by apologizing to other country’s for the power and prosperity of the United States. Then has proceeded to flame a racial conflict by implying that anyone opposed to his ideas and agenda are simple racist. Then he calculatedly pitted prosperous Americans against under achieving Americans and called this “fairness”.
As a socialist and racist, (one only has to read his own books to confirm the later) his goal is to have the rich pay for the social warfare, food stamps and housing projects. He provides and expands reasons for the poor to stay poor. He takes away the incentive of other Americans to excel and rewards them for failure. This all builds a group totally dependent on government (as a child depends on its father and mother) and increases the liberal voting base. You liberals understand this, the agenda you are promoting will destroy America very soon. When the dependant voting group becomes 51% of the voting public, America is done. It will collapse with a very few years as the takers take until there is no more, it will be gang/mob rule. You see these people in the Occupy Wall Street Protestors. 

Look at what is happening. Elected officials calling a major news company the enemy. Because of Obama it is now acceptable to call any group that disagrees with you, “the enemy”. (you did not hear this from the T party) The hate speech coming out of Washington is at an all time high. The lies coming from our government officials is at an all time high. The corruption in Washington is at an all time high. We can’t even watch the super bowl half time without seeing how common hate is expressed as the singer gives the audience the middle finger and uses the “F” word.

How can parents raise their children in this atmosphere of hatred, deceit and corruption? How can a child’s mind fight back when they see supposedly honorable men and famous entertainers conducting themselves like gutter whores? Where will they get their sense of decency, the knowledge of right and wrong?

Public speech and the right to disagree with some is paramount for Americans, yet, we should take notes from our founding fathers on how to respectfully disagree. 


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