Thursday, December 27, 2012

Some facts about Death in America:

2009- 37,485 people died of prescription and illegal drug overdose. Prescription drugs are killing far more people than street drugs now.

2009- 36,284 Deaths from Traffic Accidents. The first year Drug Use related deaths passes traffic accident deaths.

2006- 22,073 Alcohol induced deaths (alcohol poisoning). Does NOT include drunk driving deaths.

2011- 32,367 Traffic related deaths. 10,839 involved alcohol.

2010- 38,364 Suicides. Highest rate of suicide in 15 years.

Now on to those bad old guns-

2011- 12,664 Murders occurred of which 8,583 were by firearms of every kind. All firearms, rifles, shotguns, pistols, assault rifles combined. A large number of these deaths are carried out by repeat offenders of the law whom aren't even legally allowed to possess a firearm. Laws have no affect on those who pay no attention to them.

Before you demonize firearms you better get your facts straight. We've got far larger problems out there but the media doesn't find those problems "sexy" enough to feed your emotions with.

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