Thursday, June 25, 2009

Amnesty Bill, is it Fair?

Wake up! It’s the future of America that is at stake here!

If you are young, it’s time to start paying attention. If you are raising a family, you better be voicing your opinion to your reprehensive. If you are a Grand Parent, please talk to your kids and grandkids about what made America Great.

This Amnesty Bill is a slap in the face to all those who became citizens legally, and to all who fought and died for this Country.
It’s just the 1st step in destroying the United States and creating the North American Union.

This short video is of Lou Dobbs on CNN describing of some of the provisions in the Amnesty Bill making its way through Congress and the Senate. It is absolutely outrageous that this is coming up again. LaRaza and the other open border advocates are about to win a big victory.

The bill actually places the merger of Mexico, Canada, and the USA (SPP) on a ‘fast-track’ path!! If enough people do not call their members of Congress, this may well pass.

What a deal for the illegal alien invaders!!

This 2-minute video should be mandatory viewing for every US citizen.

Every American should be outraged!!

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