Thursday, June 11, 2009

Living the Western Lifestyle

'WEST' isn't just a direction on the map. It is also a frame of mind. No matter where you are on the map, you can have a piece of the west. Whether you are a "been there, done that" old cowboy / cowgirl, or a streetwise urban cowboy who loves the rustic look and relaxed feel of the Old West, you will find something here to enhance your western lifestyle.

Ahhh, the western lifestyle. Heck no, it ain't easy! The hard work starts before dawn and lasts long past sundown. It all goes back to the days of pioneers and settlers riding west to claim a stake of land on which to raise cattle and crops, to produce food to live on. So much has changed, but in all things western you can still see a shadow of the history of the American Cowboy's lifestyle. For many living the western lifestyle in this day, it means getting up at 2:00 in the morning during calving season to go out to the pasture to check heifers - even if it's raining and cold, yes even in a blizzard! In other seasons, the western lifestyle means mowing, raking, and baling hay in the blazing heat of the summer days, or riding a horse across a pasture of 100's or 1,000's of acres (or larger) to gather calves on a cold windy fall day, to be transported to the sale barn for the next auction. These seasonal chores are just a small portion of the usual year-round duties performed by the cowboys, ranchers, and farmers of the West. Another seasonal duty includes helping neighbors out during the branding season, who in turn reciprocate the favor. While an extensive amount of work goes into each day of branding cattle at each different locale, each event generally turns into a great social time for all. At the end of the day, after all of the calves are branded and vaccinated, and the bull calves have been casterated, participants come together and discuss the top issues in the headlines of the world. This time of social comradery is one of the rewards of living a western lifestyle.

What's so great about a western lifestyle? It is the romantic vision of the attitudes, work ethics, manners and morals along with the history of the American Western Cowboy and his culture. Life in the country, out in the wide open spaces. Time alone on the prairie, or in the desert, or up in the mountains. Some time to think. Watching a beautiful sunset. Peaceful and relaxing.

The cowboys/cowgirls and ranchers who live a true western lifestyle take care of business with their own regions western tack, style of dress and supplies. But even those who will not be riding out to check heifers, or living life on the rodeo trail, can still have a piece of the West with western furniture and home decor. A western theme will accentuate your lifestyle. Please visit and browse our site at to explore all that is available if you desire a western lifestyle.

Happy Trails!

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