Thursday, August 6, 2009

Destroying the best heath care system in the world

Well, does anyone have any doubt that Obama and his administration wants to destroy the health care system we have in the United States of America?

It is just amazing to see how fast he changes his approach and speech depending on the audience.
If you are a democrat, Obama is your man that will deliver universal health care. A dream that you and he have had for many years now. Soon, all people around the world will look at you as the worlds savoir.

If you are republican, Mr. Obama will just give you an option that you may choose…and this choice will lower the cost of your insurance. This will lower your expense involved with your employee benefit package, thus you will make more money!

Everyone must agree that this will be a government run program right!
Right, we all know that.

Please send me a list of all the Government run programs you feel are cost effective, justified and are a benefit to your livelihood that only the government can provide.

Then send me a list of government run programs that are being investigated, failed, corrupt, have no benefit, are going bankrupt, need more government funding to continue and send me your reasons why the US government should expand its list of failures to include health care. I what to understand this.

Listen to the words yourself in the video.

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