Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Town Hall Meetings

Well – the master Community Organizer has been busy organizing supposedly ‘open’ town hall meetings, so that only supporters have access and are included in the ‘audience’. What a great way to eliminate those pesky questions from conservatives and patriots who are now refusing to shut up and stay quiet.

I am asking each of you to send a ‘hand-written’ letter to each of your Senators and to your Representative about this issue. It has 100 times the impact of an e-mail. They only way they will not vote for this crap is if they know they will be voted out of office by voting for it.

These people believe they are now the new elite American Royalty ruling class, and the laws they write for the ‘serfs’ and commoners do NOT apply to them. They get special health care for life, special perks and privileges, special retirement benefits for life, several months of vacations each year, and tax-payer provided first class trips on private jets to exotic spots around the world. It is no wonder we no longer have any “Statesmen” but now only have money grubbing, power hungry, self-serving prostitutes who pretend to ‘represent’ us – “We The People”. They work for us, but until we stand up and force them to accept that inconvenient fact, they will continue to treat us like their personal slaves and money sources.

How’s all that ‘Hope & Change’ working out for you?

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