Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is your congressman doing about health care?

During a rare weekend vote, the House of Representatives, late at night passed H.R. 3962, the Democrat $1.3 trillion government takeover of health care. Congressman Hastings opposed this legislation along with 39 Democrats and all but one House Republicans.

"If signed into law, this bill will result in a government takeover of our health care. This bill means taxes will be raised, health care costs will increase, Medicare will be cut, choices will be eliminated, the national debt will go up, businesses will lay off employees, and access to quality health care will decrease. Our Republican alternative would have lowered health care costs while protecting jobs and preserving the doctor-patient relationship. Unfortunately this common sense solution was rejected by the Democrats that control in favor of a plan that puts the federal government in charge of where, when, if and how Americans get health care."

"Rather than penalizing already-struggling small businesses, Congress must make it easier for them to afford health benefits. We must increase choices, make health costs tax deductible, expand health savings accounts, end waste fraud and abuse and control unnecessary lawsuits that drive up costs for everyone. I support reform that lets Americans keep their doctor, lowers costs, and keeps medical decisions between the patient and their doctor."

"The Democrat bill arbitrarily bars doctors from opening new doctor-owned hospitals, including the 124 that are currently under construction, and severely restricts the 235 existing doctor-owned hospitals like the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center in my district from expanding their services. We are headed down a very dangerous road when the federal government is getting in the business of deciding who can and who cannot own a hospital."

"There is a better solution than a government takeover of health care - and it doesn't involve penalizing hospitals, raising taxes or cutting Medicare. The plan I support focuses on lowing costs by expanding health care choices and tools to help families save, making it easier for small businesses to afford to offer care, ending lawsuit abuse, and protecting the doctor-patient relationship from government intrusion."

What is your congressman doing about health care? Please call and write your representatives, Obama must not succeed in turning America into a total socialist country!

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