Monday, March 22, 2010

Unbelievable what they did!

What do the people think about passing this government takeover of the health care system?

22.7% of the voting Americans are excited over the passing of the Obama care health bill; (It extends coverage to 32 million Americans who lack it and bans insurers from denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions. This is a tremendous step forward for the nation). 61,735 votes

59% of Americans are very Angry. (This legislation will harm the economy while mandating a government takeover of the health care system). 160,517 votes

17.6% say I don't know what to feel. I'm happy that more Americans will be insured, but don't think that anyone should be required to purchase coverage under the threat of costly penalties. 47,937 votes

76.6% of Americans agree that the government should not be able to require Americans to purchase health care coverage under a threat of costly penalties!

The Obama administration, bought and paid for the Democrat turn coat votes on Sunday. Obama promised an executive order to ensure that federal funds are not used to pay for non-elective abortions.

The Americans have voiced their opposition to the bill because of the expansion of Government, not because of the abortion issue.

These low life’s in congress still don’t get it.

 Throw them out!

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