Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family discussion on the state of the union;

I was bless with a childhood where the adults would engage in very lively political discussions. Our family is very large and very close, even if we do go to the throat when speaking about the role of government in our lives.

It is very interesting to me how family members with back grounds very much alike, could have such totally different views on political issues.

Case in point is a letter to which I was copied. The letter was to a conservative mother from her daughter asking her to stop sending/forwarding this junk, (a e-mail view point on the government and Muslims).

I will include part of the discussion here so all extremist will fully understand that we can disagree with each other and still show love and respect when engaged in a debate;

For goodness sake mother! Stop sending this junk. These are true, sure....but you have listed 13 horrific incidents here that all involve Muslims, all true. However, think of the horrific events that Catholic priests have done? Think of the red-neck anti-government people like Timothy McVeigh and his counter-parts? Think of David Karesh and the killing he did?

To continue to perpectuate Muslims as the bad guys, when HUMANS through the GRACE OF GOD all have free will. It is the free will within all of us that is either good or evil.

You must know that there are many honorable, loving Muslims.

This sort of hateful perpetuation of stero-typing sound bites is so anti-American, anti Christian and so narrow minded, I continue to be shocked that you buy into it.

Love you, however.

http://www.madamerican.blogspot.com/ says, killem all, let God sort them out. By the way, how is the hope and change working out

Love ya all, stay healthily and safe!

Ps, really miss the Thanksgiving get together…and the lively discussions 

Hi Bruce,

Hope and change is working quite well, thank you dear cousin. Our country has stemmed the tide of financial ruin while insuring that you dear one won't get dropped from your insurance because you got ill. It took all Americans to get us into the greedy financial mess we were in and it will take ALL Americans to get us out. This devisive 'kill them all' mentality I think it is the biggest danger to democracy since we became a nation of free people! I pray it stops before God can't tell the al Queda extemists from the ones born right here.

Ha ha, O, .....

I do love you all

Still, never understood how people can have such tunnel vision. This view, that we are out of financial trouble, is not based on anything but a feeling or a need to have that feeling. Facts simply prove otherwise and the recent spending has us on a road to collapse. It is unsustainable and no reasonable person can argue otherwise.

All Americans did not get us into this spending mess. We were attacked by a group whose goal is to eliminate us from the face of the earth, this is their life pursuit. We are at war with them because many of us want to continue living free. Our governments main calling is to protect us, the citizens from outside threats and to secure our borders. The main cause of our current financial position is a direct cause of over spending on the entitlement programs. The housing collapse was caused solely by our good intentioned government. “Everyone has the right to own a home”. Then the liberal controlled congress said it was just fine (mandatory or they could be fined for discrimination) for the banks to lend to people who could not pay the loan back. The tax payers would guaranty it. It was not greed that caused this. It was simply an attitude that we are owed something. Even if we can’t afford it, it’s our right to have it mentality. And to make the citizens love their elected official (daddy) the government said, here, take all the candy you want and I will get you more. No one stopped to see who really provided the candy, or how long they would be able to provide the candy.

Ha ha, the “Killem all” statement is simply a over stated mockery of the (can’t we all just get along) perception from the letters I read.

To study the bible, a student would know that there are two very distinct family lines. The Koran and it’s teachings confirm what the Bible teaches about those family lines. Rest assured that God will sort them all out.

One more little side line note; I have a copy of “The Declaration of Independence. The Constitution of the United States.” It fits in my shirt pocket. A health care plan that is over 2,600 pages long is an abortion. If a comprehensive reform cannot be written in 10 pages then we need to elect representatives that are not lawyers and that are smart enough to write something short and simple.

Our American people will correct the Obama (ever taken the time to look at his appointees?) mess by throwing those bums out and electing citizens with conservative, intelligent, perspectives.

Because you have a opposite political view point from me and most Americans, please, feel free to start your day at my blog site. Very soon you will be able to see and hear me daily as I sip coffee in the morning and express my views to the world.


Wish me luck and success, I know you will

Love ya and say hi to all!

I hope I can get more of my family involved in this blog discussion because they all are very bright people who stand by their convictions.

Such open discussion of the issues it a huge benefit to all Americans.
We all need to understand that “we can agree to disagree” and then watch a football game or play a game of cards. It's what family is about!

Send me a note or leave a comment below;
Have a great day!


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