Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama in the words of John Voight

Now THIS is a real strong statement that America has been waiting for! This took real guts by  Voight.  He probably just ended his career  in Hollywood. Voight just laid it out in a letter he reads in this video. No moderate position here! There is no time for such weakness. If America as we have known it, is going to survive the Obama assault, we must speak united, with one voice and shout no! No to a liberal, socialistic society that Obama and his liberal followers wish to ram down our throats. No to a bankrupt America. No to unsustainable entitlement programs. No to bowing down and speaking from a position of weakness to other countries. No to a government takeover of health care in America. No to an expanded role of government in our lives!
READ the position, writings, statements of our founding fathers and understand their fear of the type of government that Obama is promoting. His administrating has shredded the constitution and has America on the path to total collapse.

 God Bless Voight!   The Voting has Begun!


Thom said...

This man was a lousy actor, is passe in most manners, and this inflamatory rhetoric is right up there with Sarahs. There's an old saying - lie with dogs and you'll get up with fleas. Here's the dog, folks. Lay down with him. It ought to be an insult to your intelligence, and if it isn't, we all in deep doodoo. Thom

Mad American said...

Just like a liberal. Attack the messenger, attack anyone and everyone that has a point of view that differs from yours and belittle them as idiots. And if their argument is factual accurate, you make up your own “facts” in an effort to water down the truth.
Let me give you one (Jab for Jab) of my own, Liberals are proof of what happens when stupid people breed.