Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Horses under Attack in Oregon

All across the Nation animal rights activists are attacking the right to own and use livestock, dog and horses in a traditional manner. These Neo-Nazi  left wing crazies have no idea what is involved with the raising and caring of livestock and yet they are the very ones introducing legislation in this country that harm all kinds of animals!
They (the urban activists) are directly responsible for the slow, agonizing starvation of thousands of horses.
They are the reason 10s of thousands of beautiful horses are penned up in jail cells to live out their lives, un loved and un cared for until they die from the effects of old age and or injures suffered in such close confinement,  all at tax payer expense. They suffer because of laws passed by ideologue organizations with the support of feel good citizens that (misled with video clips or sound bites) lack knowledge of the reality.  These people must be stopped or made to suffer the same conditions their misguided ideas inflect on noble animals who deserve a much better life or at the very least, a useful and quick death. None of Gods animals should be forced to live angry unproductive lives.
These well intentioned but very naive city folk are trying to pass laws that have a huge impact beyond their original objective.
They purely lack the understanding and experience necessary to make informed and educated decisions. Problem is, they don’t seem to care about the impact as a whole of their agenda, they just wish to get behind a narrow minded idea that makes them feel good, like they are improving something’s life. I think this stems from the probability that they are miserable in their own life and wish that someone or something could make it better for them. As pathetic as that is, I do feel sorry for them. But in order to protect Animals, dogs and cats, cattle/horses and more, we must collectively stand up and defy their agenda!
PLEASE pay attention to your states laws and new laws as they pertain to citizens rights and animals. Government has failed to improve the lives and condition of citizens, (responsible citizens improve their own conditions and then others around them) why would we think new laws would do nothing more but cause suffering of animals?
Leave the care of and regulation of animals to those who depend on them as they do a member of their own family. There is no law that can improve on the care of any animal from owners/citizens that daily protect, care for and love them!
OCA and interested parties,
SB 613 is scheduled this week on Thursday 2-24-11 at 3:00 in Senate
Environment and Natural Resources.  This bill is on a fast track and now
includes an amendment that excludes from regulation any rodeo event
activities recognized as appropriate under Professional Rodeo Cowboys
Association rules, policies, or programs.  The amendment will not help the
smaller non-sanctioned rodeos.  The bill sponsor will not concede to
canceling the bill for a hearing.  So, we need some testimony for Thursday
from ranching and rodeo. Any phone calls or emails to the Committee members
urging them NOT to support this bill will also be very helpful. 
Comments can be sent to the Senate Environment & Natural Resources Committee
Jackie Dingfelder, Chair - 503-986-1723;
Alan Olsen, Vice-Chair - 503-986-1720; 
Mark Hass - 503-986-1714; Floyd Prozanski - 503-986-1704; Chuck Thomsen - 503-986-1726
Beth Patrino - or 503-986-1813
Feel free to call or e-mail me with comments or questions.
Jim Welsh, Lobbyist
Oregon Cattlemen's Association
541-935-1504 Hm & Bus. 
541-554-8043 Cell 

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Anonymous said...

I agree. It's time this nonsense is stopped. The only way to preserve right and responsible thinking and liberty is to get involved. Make your voice heard!