Wednesday, September 7, 2011

News from Obama’s family and supporters

The Framingham Police Department in Massachusetts just released Onyango Obama's mugshot photo to The Washington Times Water Cooler. Mr. Obama, President Obama's uncle, was arrested by Framingham police last week and charged with a DUI. He is being held by ICE authorities, as he is an illegal immigrant from Kenya

A number of media outlets have already reported that an illegal immigrant from Kenya by the name of Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested last week on Wednesday after he nearly rammed his SUV into a police car in Framingham, Massachusetts.

He was later charged with DUI among other violations. I spoke to Framingham Public Information Officer Lieutenant Delaney who told me that when Onyango Obama was asked at booking if he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail, the Kenyan immigrant replied: "I think I will call the White House."

“African-Americans will vote for him again, 88, 92, 95 percent

 It should be noted that the Times of London, highlighted an Onyango Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign, when the British daily found President Barack Obama's “Aunt Zeituni” living in Boston illegally.:

·         Rep. Allen West (R- Fla.), the lone Republican in the Congressional Black Caucus, said Tuesday morning that he is considering leaving the group in light of comments by caucus whip Rep. Andrè Carson (D-Ind.), who said at a town hall that tea-party affiliated members of Congress see African Americans as "second-class citizens" and would be happy to see blacks "hanging from a tree."
·         "When you start using words such as lynching… that’s a reprehensible word and I think we should move away from that language," West said on Fox & Friends. "One of the things I'm starting to think about is reconsidering my membership in the Congressional Black Caucus, because I don't think they're moving in the right manner toward solving the problems in not just the black community, but all of America."
·         Nancy Pelosi's Class War Conspiracies: The Rich Won't Pay Taxes Because They Seek Immortality; GOP Hates Kids & Keeps Wages Low to Force People to Pay Bank Fees

The folks who are getting free stuff,
Don't like the folks who are paying for the free stuff,
Because the folks who are
paying for the free stuff,
Can no longer
afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.

And, the folks who are paying for the free stuff,
Want the free stuff to stop.
And the folks who are
getting the free stuff,
Want even
MORE free stuff on top of the free stuff they're getting  already!

Now... The
people who are forcing  people to PAY for the free stuff,
Have told the people who are
RECEIVING the free stuff,
That the people who are
PAYING for the free stuff,
Are being
mean, prejudiced and racist.

So...the people who are
GETTING the free stuff,
Have been convinced they need to
HATE the people who are PAYING 
for the
free stuff because they are selfish.

nd they are promised more free stuff if they will vote for the people
who force the people who pay for the free stuff to give them even more free stuff.

And - - -  that's the
Straight Stuff!

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"[N]either the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt." --Samuel Adams, essay in The Public Advertiser, 1749