Thursday, September 8, 2011

Illegal alien problem

The letter below is from my good friend in WA

Zupan’s Founder Killed by Illegal Alien
Another Needless Death

When 32 year old Edy Renoso-Ramirez knowingly ignored our immigration laws and came into this country illegally, it was a very simple matter to also flaunt many of our other laws, such as not drinking and driving.  When he did so and hit Mr. Zupan, he immediately tried to run from the scene of the accident, but fortunately was caught by the police.  He has now joined tens of thousands of other criminal illegal aliens who kill over 24 U.S. citizens every single day, and injure, maim or rape hundreds more. This is a huge problem, Americans are not safe from non americans in our own country.

We welcome LEGAL immigrants with open arms, and they typically desire to join our national ‘melting pot’, assimilate into our society and eventually become U.S. citizens.  The crime rate for these ‘legal’ immigrants is about 70% that of U.S. born citizens, while the crime rate of illegal aliens is fully 2 ½ times that of U.S. born citizens (& 3 ½ times that of ‘Legal’ immigrants). Makes sense to me. If you come here illegal, why abide by any laws?

The vast majority of these crimes would not take place if we simply enacted reasonable low-cost legislation.  For example, many more illegal aliens head for Washington State to live, rather than Oregon, simply because Oregon has tightened requirements for getting a driver’s license, which is the gateway document for many services.  Washington however, does not require proof of legal residency. They darn sure do if you are white!

We need to mandate the use of the federal E-Verify program, so only U.S. citizens and ‘legal’ immigrants with Green Cards can obtain jobs.  We also must require all agencies giving out any form of welfare, to use the S.A.V.E. program so that only legal residents and U.S. citizens can get these benefits. Common sense!

With no access to jobs or taxpayer provided benefits, most illegal aliens and their families would pack up and self-deport.  This would not require massive round-ups, will cost taxpayers almost nothing and will have numerous benefits, such as:
  1. Free 8-10 million jobs for unemployed U.S. citizens
  2. Greatly reduce school funding needs and overcrowding
  3. Reduce voter fraud (3% of registered voters in California were found to be illegal aliens)
  4. Implementing E-Verify would also prevent a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering by the families of the victims of illegal alien criminals. So why does the government not do these simple steps?

Washington State alone has over 240,000 illegal aliens, costing well over $2 Billion annually.  Savings these costs would go a long way to plugging the budget hole in our state’s deficit.  The cost for illegal aliens in just one county (Los Angeles), in southern California is also over $2 Billion annually. And we can't afford to secure the borders?

One must ask some questions, such as “Where was Mr. Renoso-Ramirez working, and why didn’t someone pay attention to the fact he had a phony Social Security Number?”  How many times had he come into contact with authorities, and was not detained?

More importantly, the simple fact is that deaths like this one could simply not occur if illegal aliens like Edy Renoso-Ramirez could not enter our country and stay here illegally. 

Allen Rogers
4009 NE 158th Ave.
Vancouver, WA
Washington Citizens For Responsible Government

 So do you think there is a problem when people knowing break the law and yet believe that they are not criminals?
 What about this proud man? He just says he will keep killing until he gets what he and illegal followers want, (YOUR MONEY!)    
Is he a criminal?
Is he someone you would like to protect?
Do you think America will benifit by having him and his friends stay in the USA?
What do you think you owe him?

 What about our Federal Government... Are they criminals for not doing their duty, by protecting us and our borders? 


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