Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Killing to cover up

Obama is ready to kill more innocent people to cover the murders in Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the NSA spying…hope and change…boy we got a lot of that didn't we!

World war 3 just because of Muslims and a lying coward called Obama.

Oh, I forgot, he has the Nobel peace prize huh...

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Anonymous said...

This lying scum bag is now telling the world that the American people’s reputation is at risk?
He now blames us for his misguided and brainless policies.
He did nothing as Americans were under attack and killed on American soil in Benghazi but wants to risk world war three because Muslims are killing Muslims in their own country?
There is no scenario where we can intervene and come out with our heads held high.
If Obama wanted to keep world respect for America, he would have avenged the murders of Americans in Benghazi or resigned for his role in the killings and cover up.
Obama is playing politics again with our military. Yes OUR military, not his! Obama just wants a huge conflict to distract the media from all his administrations scandals and the calls for his impeachment!
How many people have to die to cover up his abuses?