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Obama promotes fatherless house holds to school kids!

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Here is what President Barack Obama recently told 9th grade students during a discussion at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va.

STUDENT: Hi, my name is Brandon. I was wondering, you said that your father wasn't really in your life. That's kind of like me, my parents were divorced. But how do you think your life would have been different if he would have been there for you? Like, if -- how would your education have been and would you still be President?

THE PRESIDENT: It's an interesting question. You know, you never know exactly how your life would turn out if there was a change in circumstances as big as your dad being around. I think that -- I actually wrote a book about this, called "Dreams For My Father," where I tried to figure out what was he like, who was he. He was a very, very smart man, (but he was sort of arrogant and kind of overbearing, and he had his own problems and his own issues).

This is so very typical of parental alienation! Obama’s daddy left when he was only 2 years old and yet as any politician would answer, he says he was a very, very smart man. Why is this? Why does he think this? Was he smart because he left his wife and young son? Political, a per political comment by Obama without any support for his view...typical of him!

So (my mother always used to say) that if he had been around, I probably would have been having a lot of arguments with him all the time.

Again, his mother tell her young son that if his father would have been around, they would have argued all the time. That is parental alienation! Shame on his mother for saying this and shame on our President for believing what was feed to him. You would think that maybe Obama would have tried to find out 1st hand about his father. The pursuit of truth is not high on our Presidents agenda, never was and sure is not now!

I think that I was lucky, though, that my mother always -- she never spoke badly about him, which I think since I was a boy, knowing that even if your dad wasn't around, that you still were hearing good things about him I think probably improved my own self-confidence.

Did you hear his words? Does the double talk escape everyone? Within seconds he says his mother told him that he would argue all the time with his father if he had been around. She instilled in him that his father was over bearing, had problems and issues of his own. Yet true to form, he defends his mother by saying that “she never spoke badly about him”. Is our President a fool or an incent victim of his mothers parental alienation agenda?

When I look back on my life, I think that -- Michelle's dad was around, and Arne I think knew him. Just a great guy. Wonderful, wonderful man. And he actually had multiple sclerosis, so he had to walk with canes, but went to every basketball game that my brother-in-law played in, was there for every dance recital Michelle was in, was just a great family man. And when I look at her dad, I say to myself, boy, that would be nice to have somebody like that that you could count on who was always there for you.

So unlike his own father... but still, he longed for that type of relationship.

On the other hand, I think that not having a dad in some ways forced me to grow up faster. It meant that I made more mistakes because I didn't have somebody to tell me, here's how you do this or here's how you do that. But on the other hand, I had to, I think, raise myself a little bit more. I had to be more supportive of my mother because I knew how hard she was working. And so, in some ways, maybe it made me stronger over time, just like it may be making you stronger over time.

Great, now Obama is supporting single parenthood. He is telling a whole class room of children that not having a father made him stronger. He is condoning and even suggesting that young men being raised by a single mother makes them stronger. This is the total opposite view of the facts! Even within our own Government all the studies show that kids and especially young men do much better in life with a father in their lives. Indeed, without a father role model that enforces rules of conduct within the house and uses discipline and strict consequences for bad behavior, children will soon be parenting themselves and that is a recipe for disaster. Obama needs to read his Bible. The Bible explains without a doubt the role and benefits of a father and abiding by his rules. The Bible also has a very interesting story about a mother and parental alienation see Genesis chapter 27. Perhaps the church Obama attended for 20 years never touched on that (father) topic?

There are many issues confronting our nation, but none more important than our base/God fearing religion and how we raise our children.
Ask yourself, how were you raised, how much has that changed in 25-40 years and is it better now?

There are many issues confronting our nation, but none more important than our base/God fearing religion and how we raise our children.
Ask yourself, how were you raised, how much has that changed in 25-40 years and is in better now?

Young and have kids? How do you want them to grow up?

Please look at old blogs (April) on this website about parental alienation. This is a huge problem in this nation (divorce rate of 50% and 62% for second marriage) and if left unchecked, unchallenged…will be the down fall of this nation.

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