Thursday, July 7, 2011

Best video yet!

You must watch this video below!
It is very well done, short and sweet
Just like this Mad American Club Blog

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Jeff said...

Cool, Thanks!

Mark B said...

Hey, thanks for the e-mail and link. I like your Blog, funny and true. Keep it up and like I said before, add more of your own thoughts when you have time!

Anonymous said...

One term!
How could anyone look at his record and re-elect him! Some quacks wont care if he spends like a a typical democrat with union money backing him on his re-election campaign. You can bet he will out spend any challenger 10 to 1. The only thing he is good at is spending and kissing babies.

Anonymous said...

A note for you;
At Wednesday’s Twitter Town Hall, President Obama claimed: “We actually now have the lowest tax rates since the 1950s. Our tax rates are lower now than they were under Ronald Reagan. They’re lower than they were under George Bush — senior or George Bush, junior.” This statement is false.

According to The Tax Foundation’s Federal Individual Income Tax Rates History table, the top marginal tax rate is currently 35 percent. In 1992, under President George H.W. Bush the top marginal rate was 4 points lower than today’s rate at 31 percent. In 1988, under President Ronald Reagan the top marginal rate was 7 points lower than today’s rate at 28 percent.