Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Mad American unloads on Obama!

Obama is a socialist freak!

Listen to this Mad Man;

1.       He is supposed to be the leader, yet he spends 90% of his time fund raising and only in the last couple of weeks does he attempt to deal with the National Debt.
2.       Because of his radical views, he was unable to pass a budget, even when his own party controlled both houses of congress.
3.       The House of Reps has put forth plans (more than once) to address the budget and now the debt ceiling, yet those plans have been demagogue by Obama. Harry Reid in the Senate will not even allow the plan from the house to be heard, much less voted on. What a coward!
4.       Obama now blames everyone else (house of representatives) for his own lack of understanding and leadership.
5.       Obama talks about working stiffs, ordinary folks…what does he know about Americans??? He grew up outside of America. He did not work as a child nor did his parents instill any work ethic into him. He knows nothing about working people. His anti American  father who Obama admires and wrote about, had nothing but contempt for America, just as the church Obama chose to attend has.
6.       Obama rants in his press conference about us knowing we are getting a raw deal. Obama knows nothing! Did he see the last election??? America does not want his socialist agenda!
7.       Obama says we are mad at everyone, he is wrong again, we are mad at him and his liberal cronies.
8.       Our commander and freak says we no matter how hard we work, we can’t keep up. Keep up with what? Keep up with how you spend money you freak!
9.       This A..hole has the balls to stand up in front of American television,  and tell us that what we are looking for is someone to stand up and look out for us. I would like to slap this idiot! We are Americans, we can stand up for ourselves, we always have and we always will! We stood up when the largest republican victory was just achieved! Obama, if you want to be king over someone, LEAVE America and go find some sheep to rule over!
10.   To say that all we are looking for is someone to take care of us is an insult! Get out of that office and out of our country! Americans can take care of themselves if the government will stay out of the way and stop handicapping us! Obama is attempting to take us where people all over the world, are trying to get out of, government oppression.
11.   In his public rant he attacks Americans that stand up for their beliefs. He insults people we chose to listen to on the radio and the news programs we chose to watch.
12.   Obama makes it very clear that he has no integrity. A pledge to the American people  means nothing to him. A pledge during a political campaign, is nothing more than words spoken to appease the ignorant, unwashed masses in Obamas view. His word, spoken or written down is meaningless. He said so!
13.   He talks about worrying about a primary fight…those are his thoughts, Obama owns those. I have heard nothing like that from anyone else. They are concerned about budges, deficits and Americas future. Obama is the one breaking records attending fund raisers and gearing up for re-election.

Obama is a Socialist pig! His agenda should be destroyed before he and his liberal supporters destroy America as we have known it!

If you still support Obama, SHAME ON YOU!

Mad American.


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