Monday, January 14, 2013

Gun Control? Maybe Parental Control?

I think the left or people that don't own or know guns, believe in the Hollywood/movie role of guns. They see only killing. People who have no experience with firearms fear them. Human nature is to get rid of, or get away from anything that scares you.  Can firearms be abused, yes! But so can every other right or freedom. Can those other rights/freedoms kill in the hands of madmen? Yes. More are killed with other tools than with the rifle they wish to band. My main problem with it all is that, the blame is misguided and misdirected. The drugs they give kids now are more to blame with the killings than the tool. The violent movies and video games that consume the kids time and negatively affect their outlook on life and more to blame than the tool used. The lack of good parenting is a major crisis in America and perhaps around the world. We tend to blame everything or anything else before we look inward at our own human failings. Guns are not the problem, people are and we are not addressing that!
The argument that blames an AR 15 for the killings is just wrong and avoids the real issue. If you used the talking points and thoughts of the left, why stop or even start with guns? More people and children are killed from car going over the speed limit. Why not band cars that can travel faster than the speed limit? In the argument of magazine capacity, why not limit all cars/trucks and motorcycles to no more than 75 mph? We have no speed limit faster than that, why do madmen think they need a car that runs 100 plus mph? It is proven dangerous and is illegal! Band those before the AR 15. This makes just as much sense as banding a rifle and in fact, you could argue that is would save more lives each and ever year! No, the problem is with personal responsibility and we are lacking in that. We see it in our leaders, in the very top of our government. There used to be a saying that “the buck stops here”. We no longer believe that or own up to that. To many people no believe “the buck stops not with me, but with you!” "leave my buck alone, it's your buck that is the problem" or perhaps, "no I don't own a car that can exceed the legal speed limit and neither should you. So I will issue a new order taking that right of ownership and choice from you, in order to protect citizens" Where do you stop? Band buses because when they crash more people could be killed than if they were in a car. Band sport victories like soccer games where people get crunched to death. Band doctors because 1,000s die from needless or incorrect treatments. Band lawyers and politicians because they depress people and that leads to suicide.  Does restricting freedoms keep us safe? Look at history where peoples freedoms were restricted or taken away for their own good, were they safer afterwards?
If the issue is with senseless killings, why not stop the killing that is happening every 90 seconds and supported by everyone's tax dollars? What does teaching our children that abortion is fine, that the killing of babies is ok and then expect them to have value for human life? How does that work out?
I will not just talk about a problem without offering my own solution.
Stop drugging our kids! Stop managing their behavior with chemicals and start being parents that love their children enough to spend time with them, limit their exposure to video games and love them enough to discipline them.
Make it a requirement that every, every single young man and woman serve for 2 years in the armed forces. Invest resources there and the dividends for the future would be great!
Somehow they must learn responsibility for their own actions, something that is lacking right now in the majority of adults. 

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