Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Idiot leaders of the left are dangerous!

The Idiot leaders of the left are dangerous!

Mayor Bloomberg Says Cops Should Go On Strike Until Americans Give Up Their Guns!

WHAT? Do you hear and understand what this guy is calling for?

Do Liberals never stop to think anything through? Do they just run their mouths with no consideration of their words of actions?

Here is what the result if Mayor Bloomberg gets his wish;

1. Every cop would just stay home until all law abiding Americans gave up their guns
2. He never said criminals! I mean, just how is that going to happen? Ok bad guys, give up your guns or police officers will stay home until you do. What kind of fools are the left?
3. So he is only attacking the 2 second amendment and you and I, legal gun owners.
4. But the result of what he calls for would kill millions of innocent Americans.
5. Americans that legally own a firearms will not be willing to just give up their rights, so Bloomberg says to the cops, stay home until the crime is so out of control that people are willing to give up their rights.
6. So while the cops are staying home as the Mayor suggests, crime, murder, rape, burning buildings, stealing and all other crime would go unchecked in the Mayors plan to rid law abiding citizens of their constitutional rights.
7. People like you and I that own firearms would protect themselves as much as humanly possible but those who have the “gun free zone” sign on the front lawn would be easy targets for outlaws.
8. The dying screams would be coming from those without a firearm, perhaps the very same people who support Mayor Bloomberg.
9. The cries of their wives and daughters being raped and beaten would fill the streets.
10. The men would watch and beg for the gangs to stop the abuse and scream for help but there would be no response from the law officers until all Americans that legally own guns give them up…

Tell me, with no police protection and crime everywhere, who believes that a gun owner will be more willing to give up his or her firearm when Mayor Bloombergs strike takes place?

Not me!

Please send this link to everyone on your e-mail list. Show them how the left thinks!

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