Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scary 2013 Predictions

Better take this link below and read the full accounting!

This is just dang scary!

My real problem is that I can see and agree with most all of his 20 predictions! I hate that!
Someone that is voicing my real fears about the future.

I know this for sure and hope that everyone will do the same, get prepared for the worst. If it does not happen, ok, fine. If it some do come true and you have not taken care to provide for yourself and love ones, what will be the result of your inaction?

We will, and for the most part are prepared for what could come. We will continue to live and plan for a future as if nothing will change. Yet, we will be staying aware for any changes and take the appropriate actions.

You better too!

What will you do if the national power grid is down for months?
What will you do if the food items are gone from the stores within 3 days of a systems failure?
What will you do if the government orders you to turn in your guns and ammo?
What will you do if the dollar collapses?
What will you do if the UN or other nation invades the USA?

Do you really think none of this could not happen?

Bet you didn’t think the USA would have 8 years under the leadership of someone named Barrack Insane Obama

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