Saturday, November 6, 2010

Remember real Americans?

Remember when most everyone loved our country? Loved, supported and defended it with their lives and wealth.

Contrast the words from these two Great Americans with who we have in our public offices right now. I don’t have to spell it out here. If you need help, just go back into the archives of this blog. I’m sure you will find interesting words and actions posted there from a few public servants.

Question for you this weekend; 

How far has our society fallen from the views and vision of those two men?
What is the cause of such a decline?
Can it be reversed by politicians?  
It is our fault, our parents fault or our kids fault?
Who do we blame and when to we as American citizens, Mothers and Fathers…stand up and make a change in our lives! 
When do we set limits on acceptable behavior?
When will  we raise the bar? 
When will we demand the same of our friends, family and others?

Will you continue to walk in the gray area?
Will you contiune to "can't we all just get along"
Will you start taking responsibility for yourself or will you give up your freedom and become a servant of the government because taking a stand opens you up for judgment and ridicule?




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