Friday, November 12, 2010

What did you say?

Nancy held a big party and told everyone in the news that she was proud in circumventing the constitution. 
Proud of the runaway spending. 
Proud of the highest national debt in history.
Proud of the bail outs.
Proud of high unemployment. 
Proud of unsecured borders. 
Proud to be supporting Obama in SUING the state of Arizona for protecting it's citizens.
Proud of telling the American people to go to hell, that they are to stupid to understand what is good for them by ramming an un-understandable health care bill down our throats. She even said she didn’t know what was in the bill (over 2000 pages!) and that it had to pass so we could find out what was in it…and she thinks we are the fools...well…maybe she has a point there.

She has no regrets for her part in this whole debacle nor for her leadership role.

The only time she showed any remorse or regret about the elections out come was when she realized that she no longer could order a  military jet (tax payer paid) to fly her and her friends back and forth between dumb DC and dumber CA. When she found out that there is no open bar on commercial flights, she started to tear up…


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