Thursday, November 18, 2010

The View, Behar and Liberals

OK, so I have never watched this show and never will. Still, I have seen and have been sent clips to (view). The one with Bill O was great as he  just puts it out there and the libs freak out...walk off and refuse any intelligent conversation about the issue.
It is very typical the left wing. Moderates really don't have the spine to make such forceful statements. They, just like Barbra did, just set there and go with the flow. Then look for an opportunity or place to seek middle ground, (view) themselves as above the fray. Hmmm, kinda going off on them today...I just detest people who don't stand up and take a position before they test the wind.

Off track here...this blog is about Liberals and their hypocritical  stances.
Here a liberal, not just on social issues but a full blown crazy left wind nut kind of liberal, attacking the Bible. She says the Bible causes bulling and that it is just terrible. It is a short clip but she just goes off on how bad Christians are.

Below shows how that very open minded, tolerant woman views a person running for office in America, that she disagrees with.
By calling her a bitch and challenging her to “come to New York and do it” and saying “she going to hell this bitch, she’s going to hell”.

There, there is a clear cut difference between Liberal ideas and conservative ideas and conduct. No wonder our school system is suffering so…

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