Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama promotes socialism during speech.

Nope, can’t do it. I apologize but this man is not my president. I will not support or condone his agenda to destroy America. This man, his beliefs and political policy, if adopted, will lead to the total down fall of what we call freedom in the United States.
Never before would I say or think such a thing about this country or it’s leader. Not even Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carder could have arouse such a feeling of betrayal in me.
If you listen to Obama last night, you can have no doubt to his plan of action. He will take over health care. You will not have choices as to your treatment or your doctor. You will not have private medical options or even the option to pay for different treatment. This was clear in his response to questions! He will break the best medical system in the world and do so, for the benefit of gaining power and control over your lives. He and liberals believe that you are to stupid to make choices or decisions on your own. If you trust your family, your job, your money and your future to Obama…he will promise to take care of you. The sad thing is, many people living in America embrace this idea as good and caring. They want to be taken care of, to be provided for, to have life’s decisions taken away from them so they won’t have the chance of failing on their own. Without failure, there is no victory. No feeling of accomplishment or pride. Without those basic feelings for a man, he will lose himself, fall into the trap of compliancy. No different than a male animal that has been castrated. Once Obama has completed the operation on Americans, this country as we know it will no longer exist.
My friends, not only did he want to control the health care system, he wants to cap what the private sector can do. He wants to expand government so that it competes more directly with the private capitalist system that we have. How would you like to compete with a business that can change the laws to benefit themselves and if in financial trouble, can just print more money and blame any short comings on someone, anyone, but themselves.
I heard Obama blame the banks and corporate America for the crises, for making bad loans that could not be paid back. He never mentioned that the US government mandated that those loans must be made, (every American should be able to own a house). This government program told the banks to loan money to people they would not have loaned to before. These customers were at risk and the banks did not want to make those loans. The liberals called this discrimination, guaranteed those loans and made it very clear that if the banks refused to make such a loan, the bank itself would be held in contempt of the declared policy. Not good for banks!
Bottom line, banks made bad loans, congress blames the banks and Obama cashes in.
Obama now owns banks, owns an automobile manufacture and is after the insurance industry.
Just how much will you let the government control?
The United Sates was built on the ideas of our fore fathers. Are those the ideals that we follow today?

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