Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"It Will Destroy Health Care in This Nation"

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), a doctor in the real world, gives a good description of the majority's health care destruction bill in these comments delivered to his fellow members of the House Education and Labor Committee. Following Price's heated exchange with Committee Chairman George Miller (D-CA) over something Price says Speaker Pelosi said and Miller says she didn't, my favorite part is Price saying this: "You know what [the American people] will have access to? They have access to an opportunity to get in line. They'll be able to get in line." Price also said, flatly, that the House Democrats' bill "will destroy health care in this nation."

President Obama's dream of dramatically remaking the nation's health-care system is virtually certain: For the first time ever, every American would be required to carry health insurance.
The requirement, known as an individual mandate, is among the most far-reaching changes envisioned this year by those pushing for health-care reform. Obama continued Tuesday to push lawmakers struggling with the large costs and scope of health legislation to move forward, pronouncing reform to be "closer than ever."
Obama and his cohorts want to have total control of your life from cradle to grave. The big problem you should have with this is, the grave will be getting closer and the line there will be shorter! How can anyone want to totally reform the best health care system in the world? If you want to fix some of the problems with the cost of programs, keep government out, don’t let them have total control

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