Tuesday, July 21, 2009

North Koreas missile misses.....earth

North Korea fires a missile, it goes off path and hits Jupiter.

Ok, well not really, but today as I listened to the 6 o clock news at 5:30… hee hee, ok I will straighten up and get back to my old self tomorrow.
Anyway, did you hear about the thing that hit Jupiter and blew a hole in its atmosphere? The hole is the size of plant earth and this whole (ha ha, sorry) event happened 2 days ago! We hear about it today and then…during the report…Ha Ha…the news guys (on a very prominent national station) made this comment, and NASA is not for sure what to do about it. I could not believe someone would say that! What are we to do Mr. Newsman? Maybe we could have Obama and Gore do some kind of save the plant dance and the whole in Jupiter’s atmosphere would just close. The arrogance, the lack of common sense, the irresponsibility of the news media could not be more apparent. They have no idea what they are doing or saying. They simple repeat what is fed to them by the liberal idiots that really run the networks.
Where do you get your news???

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