Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fact check on Obamas re-election movie

Fact Check Decimates Obama Documentary

An Obama campaign film, narrated by actor Tom Hanks, casts the president, not surprisingly, in the best light. But the 17-minute video lacks context and takes liberties with some facts on health care and the auto bailout: Why do people have to lie? Why must the President of the USA Prostitute  himself for re-election?
·         The film says “17 million kids could no longer be denied for preexisting conditions,” implying all of them were being denied care before the federal health care law was passed. But that’s the total number of kids who could potentially be denied coverage or charged higher premiums if they sought coverage on the individual market. So it is just a bold faced lie! Trying to use a “what if” number and not the facts

It also implies that Obama has reined in the costs of health care premiums — which “had been rising three times the rate of inflation,” as the film says. But the law hasn’t reined in premiums, which still rose three times more than inflation last year. In fact, experts say some of the recent growth was caused by the law, which requires more generous coverage. This claim for reducing cost is just a lie, plain and simple. It is a lie to deceive citizens of the USA into believing a failed policy. It is promoted by the white house and marketed by the liberal media and Hollywood
 The film suggests that Obama refused to compromise on health care. Obama did hold out for a comprehensive bill, but there was compromise along the way, including the decision to drop the “public option” that he once championed. Later, he called the law “nine-tenths of a loaf.”
 On the auto bailout, the video says automakers have “repaid their loans.” But taxpayers are still on the hook for half of the $80 billion in federal aid. It also suggests that Bush gave away $13 billion to auto companies without demanding action on their part, when, in fact, Bush required them to come up with the so-called economic viability plans by March 31, 2009. Obama then used the plans to force the companies into bankruptcy and force the restructuring of the companies. OK, lies like this are just Evil! They are corrupt and purposeful in their intent to deceive us
When will it stop? When will all politicians be held accountable for their actions and words?
Bring back public dueling!

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