Friday, March 16, 2012

Obama’s War Continues as He Attacks Family Farms/Ranches

The Des Moines Star Register’s coverage featured some significant passages from the letter:
“After having additional time to review the Proposed Rule and compare the proposed changes to existing statutory law, regulations, and the Department’s existing interpretive documents, we believe initial concerns were well-founded. As a result of these concerns, we request the Department withdraw the Proposed Rule in its entirety,” the Senators state in a letter to Secretary Solis. “It is puzzling why the Department would suddenly propose changes to existing regulations, particularly considering the advancements in farm equipment and adoption of technologies that have improved operator safety in the last 35 years.” Not really, those are government employees and even they think they should do something for their paycheck. Sad thing is, their job is to increase the size and control of government over your lives by taking away your freedom over your own children.
The statement from the group said “until recently, farms jointly owned and operated by multiple family members had discretion over the responsibilities they gave their children on the farm. But the proposed rule change would do away with that freedom and extend the parental exemption to farms owned solely by a parent. It is common in rural America for siblings to jointly own and operate farms and for extended family and neighbors to participate in agriculture production. With this rule change, the government is proposing to tell farmers and ranchers: We know what’s best for your children, and what they should and should not be doing.” Hitler did the same thing. Read the history of how he came to power, the comparison with today's political climate will scare the hell out of you!
The note cited the fact that the Labor Secretary was using statistics from 13 years ago. This outdated information regarding accidents in rural settings was flawed and did not reflect the latest safety innovations that have come to the farming world.
Despite the 18,000 comments and Congressional opposition, the regulations appear to be moving ahead as Solis has planned. Local farm communities are quite concerned that this. Here is one of the dozens of local news stories highlighting the problems this will create: So, it does not matter what the people want...the only thing that matters is what the government (Obama) wants for the people.

Yesterday, Secretary Solis testified before a Senate Subcommittee on Labor, Health & Human Services, Education and Related Agencies, and Pensions. Ms. Solis’ comments on the restrictions on family farms were brief, only stating that her department was open to hearing comments on the new regulations.
It should also be noted that today is the anniversary of the death of State Farming in the former Soviet Union.
On this day back in 1989, the USSR’s Communist party leader Mikhail Gorbachev announced that Central Farming was not working. This was underscored by the fact that his country was forced to import tons of staples like wheat and meat. Mr. Gorbachev sounded like a Free Market Capitalist when he told the Soviets:
“The essence of economic change in the countryside should be in granting farmers broad opportunities for displaying independence, enterprise, and initiative.”
Farmers would be granted the opportunity to be independent, enterprising and succeed or fail based on their own initiative. An interesting concept. One that should be implemented across America!

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