Monday, March 5, 2012

Do you know Obama? Find out here!

Barry interesting!

 Obama changes the bill of right to suit his views
 Barry greets a Terrorist
 Obama prints and promotes his own children book, Just like Hitler did when he brain washed millions of children
 If you study Barry and his activities, this is his goal
 Just look at all the states that are suing the federal government right now. How many court cases are filed on behalf of the people against the Obama administration?
 Scum! That is Barry or Obama or what ever he wants to call himself at the time.
 Yep, will not salute the American flag but will fall over forward to bow down to a Muslim
 The proof that he is destroying the American economy is documented over and over!
 While Americans suffer, while our sons die in wars, while our status is down graded...Obama takes more vacations and plays more golf than an President in history. He says his is looking out for the commoners...but the proof is in the pudding
 So.....OK...a picture is worth a thousand words
 The post American world...good reading for Obama...

 This is what the world thinks of us
 And our currant President
 Lots of respect huh
 Barry's dream

 Party on Barry
 They know, they know
 How much more do you need to see before you get the picture?
 Do you have any doubt???
Here I am boys...we are going to make some changes around here

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Vote for anyone but this guy!!!!!!


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