Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The housing market problems and fixes

SNL did something a while back that was very close to the truth!
Nancy and Barney and the anti-American George Soros had more to do with the crisis than most people know.

And the truth about the government “executive action” fixes that Obama has planned for his re-election bid.

Why don’t the “occupy wall street” mob camp out on the lawns of the people who are to blame for this economic decline? They need to be camping out and protesting the democrats in congress, the Obama administration and some spineless republicans that lacked the back bone to stand up and fight in the halls of congress.
You want hope?
You want change?
Elect a Cain, Gingrich or Bachman and support them with Tea Party candidates in the 2012 election!

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Rick in CA said...

Smash Capitalism and You Destroy Civilization.
I agree with the Occupiers when we both answer “no” to a question like “should we bail out large financial institutions that have made a lot of bad investments?” The more radical Occupiers lose me with demands that we “smash capitalism” and “abolish private property.”