Friday, October 28, 2011

Ok, I listen to the Ed show now and then just to see what the far left thinks.
But this clip below is just mind boggling. 

How anyone, even a weak minded liberal, can take Paul Ryan’s words as hate filled or an attempt to start civil war is just crazy! Ryan was respectfully pointing out the change in Obama’s campaign style this time around. There can be no logical argument against Ryan’s assessment. Obama is using class warfare in his (tax the rich because they don’t pay their far share) and his attacks against republicans are very well documented (dirty water, dirty air, folks left without medical care, destroying social security, ect…) and the VP Biden’s comments on how rape and murder will go up (refer to the blog archive). You have heard none of that type of fear mongering from conservatives. Indeed it is the left that are embracing the hateful speech and unruly behavior of the occupy wall street mob (Mr. Ed included).
It is very disturbing to me to hear how out of touch and how totally out of control with rational thought these people are. To know that they influence an audience and indeed have people that look up to and respect them is alarming.
To attack Ryan and then all republicans as wanting a civil war and making statements like republicans “want violence to take place in our society” and that republicans are “the real killers” akin to O.J. Simpson, is disgustingly disingenuous and a feeble attempt to deflect and distract their followers from the sane presentiment of rep Paul Ryan’s.   

Your comments?


Anonymous said...

The freaky and dangerous mind of Liberals!

Mike said...

"Garbage in - garbage out
Perhaps more than any one source, the schools have been preaching "collectivism" since the mid-60's. And, the media was owned by over 240 different people\companies just a few years ago, and it is now owned by 5 corporations, all spouting the same gibberish."

Dave E said...

As long as that represents the mindset of the left, where is the compromise to come from…you can’t compromise to that They are nuts…Schultz is smart enough to spin this for his show and to bait reactions even if he doesn’t believe it, but where is any sense of responsibility??? Get a rope