Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Obama is a PIG!

Obama proves he is a lying, disgraceful PIG
JAMESTOWN, N.C. (Wall Street Journal) – President Barack Obama sought to answer a question that’s been the source of some head-scratching ever since he began his bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia this week.
Mr. Obama said his three-day itinerary takes him to some deeply Republican areas of the South because “I’m not the Democratic president or the Republican president, I’m the president.” OK, does anyone in America believe that? Who is he trying to fool? He has said that the republicans are the enemy and has attacked them and their agenda.
“I don’t care if you’re a Republican or Democrat because we’re all Americans and we are in this together,” he added as he wound up his latest pitch for Congress to pass components of his $447 billion jobs bill. Lying PIG! He has lied about Republicans trying to starve old people, take away their SS, destroy the environment and he blames all the Nations problems on them! He is a lying PIG and that is the best thing I can call him!
Plus, he told the audience at a community college campus here, he likes North Carolina so much. “Even the folks who don’t vote for me are nice to me,” Mr. Obama said. He lives in his own little world…the narcissist PIG!
The president is on the road this week urging Congress to pass an initiative in his jobs bill that would provide states and local governments with $35 billion to hire more teachers, police officers and firefighters. He is also pressing this week for lawmakers to act on the infrastructure pieces and a program to assist the long-term unemployed. He doesn’t get it, it is the private sector that needs to be creating jobs, not the government. He will never understand that because he has never had a non government job or produced any product or service that someone would want to buy. Obama is and has always been, a leach on society! Sadly, he is promoting this idea to our children with the full support of all the liberals out there!
Mr. Obama told Tuesday’s audience that their taxes will go up by $1,000 if Congress does not pass an extension of a payroll tax cut, which is set to expire at the end of the year. Every time, fear mongering. Did he say what else is in the bill that is stopping it from being passed? Maybe we have to pass the bill to see what is in it? Maybe new regulations that will cost the tax payer $2,000 a year!
While he stressed that as president he represents all Americans not those from the Democratic or Republican Party, He does not represent anything that a republican stands for! Time and time again he has proved that!!! He has and is promoting class warfare. His backing of the violent wall street protests has caused them to spread to other parts of the nation. He wants division in America and he wants Americans at war with each other! he focused his pitch on the GOP. He criticized Republican lawmakers for voting against his bill Yep and why is that if he represents all America? – which failed in the Senate last week with no Republicans supporting it and two Democrats voting against it. Hmmm, seems he doesn’t represent all Democrats either
“Instead of trying to satisfy one wing of one party, we’ve got to focus on doing what it takes to help the American people,” Mr. Obama said. He makes me sick to my stomach. I cannot even listen to him anymore. I CAN NOT take any more flat out lies!  “They said ‘no’ the first time, but we’re going to give them another chance to step up to the plate and do the right thing.” This PIG…do you hear that? All the people love me, I am the President of all the people, we need to all work together, and then turns right around and belittles any opposition as not doing the right thing…Yeah I know I am having a bad day but, this guy is really getting on my nerves!
Remember the, (open hearings on C Span) (everything posted so you and I could read it) (Uniter not a divider) 
Hurry up 2012!

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PSALM 109.8
Let his days be few; and let another take his office.