Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy wall street

The media and democrats, say that these crazy "Occupy wall street" bums are like the Tea Party? Give me a break!
I will tell you what those two groups have in common, they both represent their parties core beliefs. 
The peaceful, reasonable, rational, respectful and law abiding tee party protesters, do reflect the Conservative Republican Party. The law breaking, violence promoting, gutless, give me something for nothing, cop car crapping, woman raping, drug using lowlifes, represent the liberal democrat party and are supported by Obama. The whole Obama administration and other like minded government liberals, let this out of control conduct continue day after day with their full support!

Look at this video below. Someone needed to give that loud mouth punk a good tuning up, if you know what I mean. I think the guy that walked up to him at the end of the video, said something that made the little scum bag do an about turn to save his own skin!
This outspoken idiot just bought and was drinking a beer from the same business he was calling “union buster” and was protesting. Talk about the height of hypocrisy! I agree with a statement I heard from a reporter  couldn’t embody the entitlement mentality of the entire “Occupy” movement any better if he tried. Smug. Brazen. Dumb.

Make sure you send this blog to your liberal friends! I would love to hear how they defend this juvenile movement.


Anonymous said...

Now they are crapping on peoples door steps! Yes, having public sex and using drugs, sounds like the old man Kennedy on one of his party nights! Come to think of it, some guy named Wenner would be enjoying the protest also

Marge said...

My grandson acted the same one day, I slapped him across his face and his father paddled his butt. He is all better now and saw the light, hee hee

Anonymous said...

Mealtime terrorists…and we don’t negotiate with terrorists! Show ‘em the door and perhaps even the floor.