Sunday, October 23, 2011

Support the “Wall Street” protestors, WHAT?

Why do you want to support the Wall Street protesters?

Why do you want to support the Wall Street protestors?

Because you hate capitalism.
Because your goal in life is to have your needs provided to you by the government.
Because you have been told over and over by Barrack Obama that the “Rich” people are to blame for your all your problems.
Because the President of the United States tells you that the rich have won life’s lotto and they owe it to you to give that money back.
Because the VP, the ex VP, the ex speaker of the house and the majority of the democrats in congress tell you that these violent, illegal protests are just the same as the TEA party protests that energized the Republican party.
Because your view of how society should be, reflects the same views and goals of the socialist party and the communist party.
Because your parents (perhaps you) are 1 of the 6 Americans that are on some type of government assistance, food stamps, welfare, ect…
Because your union leaders support the democrat party and its goal of all Americans having equal pay without production or quality expectations.
Because you are a taker in life. You have always been envious of what others have but instead of striving to better yourself, you run down the accomplishments of others while you attempt to steal from them the things you are to lazy to earn for yourself!

If you support these “Wall Street” type protest across the nation, you are either very misinformed, a sheep that follows blindly or an Anti American sum bag that needs to spend time in county’s that have what you think you want. Then, perhaps, just like hope and change, education and reality will set in and you will vote Republican this year!

Do yourself a favor, GROW A MIND!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that if these people had jobs they needed to be at and families to raise they wouldn't have time for all this B.S. I'm sure they are all very proud and happy to be backed by the Nazi party, the Socialist party, and the communist party.

Mad American said...

I agree, if they spent the time working and trying to better their condition, job, income...what ever, as they do complaining and protesting...they would EARN what they want instead of trying to steal if from someone that IS WORKING!